Best Christmas Gifts for Toddlers 2-3 Years Old

I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving full of lots of fun time with family and friends. Now that the turkey day  is over I wanted to share another fun gift idea round-up post! I have already shared my favorite gifts for 1-2 years and 3-4 years. This post is all about the best gifts for 2-3 year olds. Since Brody is right in the middle of this range, I had so much fun putting this guide together.


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One: Personalized Fire Chief Costume Set | Melissa & Doug at Nordstrom $30: I love encouraging imaginative play and I also love that this fire outfit can be personalized! Brody will be finding a fire costume under the tree this year!

Two: Personalized Children’s Apron | Minted $28: Cooking with Brody has become one of our favorite activities and I can’t wait to add Isla in on the fun. This personalized apron is just so cute and it will keep him clean which I am always in favor of! Comes with Free personalization on a little leather name tag. I ordered matching ones for Chef Brody & Isla.

Three: Magnolia Paper Doll Kit | Nordstrom $32: In a world full of technology I always love going back to traditional favorites. These paper dolls are a classic.

Four: Brio First Train Set | Amazon $45: This is the perfect first train set for a little one. It comes with all the essentials to build a first rail system. Brody plays with this at his Grandma's house every weekend--the same one my brothers played with growing up! These last for years.

Five: Watercolor Mat | Nordstrom $15: A young toddler will love painting and parents will love the cleanup. This watercolor set is a great way to introduce painting.

Six: Balancing Boat Game | Nordstrom $20: This toy is fun for little ones while also working on their eye-hand coordination. I love that it can grow with your little one because it comes with a die and pincers to make a game out of it.

Seven: Delivery Bike | The Land of Nod $100: This little delivery bike offers so many fun possibilities. It has four wheels so it is sturdy for little ones. It has a basket to carry favorite toys from place to place and even a chalkboard for little messages. This is definitely a toy that would grow with your little one.

Eight: Magical Menagerie Purse | Anthropologie $14: This whimsical little unicorn purse is perfect for little girls. I might buy it now to save for Isla when she is old enough to want to carry things around. In the meantime, I can hang it in her room as it matches the decor perfectly! And the price is awesome!

Nine: Construction Plate | Uncommon Goods $15: This plate looks like the perfect gift for a picky toddler. It will sure make dinner time more fun!

Ten: Montessori Play Kitchen | Peuro Baby $700: This is the perfect age to introduce a play kitchen to little ones. I love this kitchen because it is handcrafted by Amish Artisans and is built to last a long time and even several kids. I wish my kitchen looked this beautiful!

Eleven: Zip Zap Magnetic Block Set | Uncommon Goods $40: These blocks are great for this age. He can be rearranged in lots of combinations and can stick to the fridge, washing machine, or a magnetic chalkboard for even more fun.

Twelve: Teepee | Pottery Barn Kids $180: Teepees are so fun. It's the perfect place for a young toddler to get away from it all and read or play. As they grow they will have lots of fun pretending in it.

Thirteen: Play and Go Storage Mat - Road Map | Uncommon Goods $38: I don’t know about you but we have toy cars everywhere! This storage mat is the perfect solution. It lays flat to reveal a flat play road map and when your little one is done it can be pulled shut to store all the cars, trucks, trains, and other modes of transportation.

Fourteen: Wooden Toy Tool Bench | Hearth and Hand by Magnolia by Target $100: I love this classic wooden tool bench from the new Hearth and Hand by Magnolia. It comes with lots of pieces to help little ones create whatever their imagination can think of!

Fifteen: Plush Pal Mat | Pillowfort by Target $30: This cozy little mat is perfect for lounging around the house or sleepovers at the grandparents. It rolls up and secures with velcro for easy storage and comes in several animal options.

Sixteen: Swan Slippers | Uncommon Goods $34: These slippers are hand-made in Nepal and they are beautiful. They are perfect for keeping tiny feet warm.

Seventeen: 'Snack & Sweets' Food Cart | Melissa & Doug at Nordstrom $200: This food cart is so adorable. It’s a great accompaniment for a playroom kitchen or if you are short on space it is a good substitute!

Do you have a little one ages 2-3? If so, what are they going to be getting for the holidays?

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