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My Favorite Gifts for The Modern Mom

I have to preface this post by saying it may or may not look exactly like my Christmas list this year. The only thing missing is a full night of sleep, a maid, and something to take care of these massive under the eye bags #sleepdeprivation. Since those 3 seem to be out of the running for this year, I'm rounding up the rest of my favorites gift ideas for the modern mom below.

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Count Down to Christmas: The Best Advent Calendars of 2018

Now that we are moving past fall and into winter I am getting excited about the holiday season. One of my favorite ways to make the season last longer is to start early on December 1st when I break out the Advent calendar. Counting down the days until Christmas will keep the excitement going and hopefully help the long 24 days until Christmas go a bit quicker for Brody. 

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The Best Holiday Gifts for Babies 0-1

I can't believe Christmas is just under three weeks away. I try to get all my gifts purchased during Cyber Week but I definitely still have a few people left to shop for including my youngest Isla. She fits perfectly in the 0-1 category so I thought I would share the best gifts I could find including some I am eyeing for Isla! You will want to scoop these up quickly because I keep finding the things I love are selling out.

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