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Picking the Perfect Gift for Teachers + Caregivers

Teachers and caregivers are actual earth angels - they care for our kids like their own, put up with their tantrums, nurture them, and prepare them to go out in the world and conquer it. They’re basically an additional parent. Whether it’s a holiday, the start of school, or “just because” I’ve rounded up some fan favorites for unique thank you gifts for all the mind-molders out there.

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My Favorite Gifts for The Modern Mom

I have to preface this post by saying it may or may not look exactly like my Christmas list this year. The only thing missing is a full night of sleep, a maid, and something to take care of these massive under the eye bags #sleepdeprivation. Since those 3 seem to be out of the running for this year, I'm rounding up the rest of my favorites gift ideas for the modern mom below.

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