Picking the Perfect Gift for Teachers + Caregivers

Teachers are actual earth angels - they care for our kids like their own, put up with their tantrums, nurture them, and prepare them to go out in the world and conquer it. They’re basically an additional parent. Whether it’s their birthday, the start of school, a holiday, or a “because you spend 8 hours with my child and still greet them with a smile the next day”, you want to show your caregivers that not only are the important to you and your kiddo, but also they deserve to be celebrated.

Picking the Perfect Gift for Teachers + Caregivers | Momma Society

Everyone loves a coffee mug…right?

So obviously we want to celebrate our teachers and caregivers and give them an amazing gift that is both budget friendly but also conveys the huge amount of appreciation that we have for them. Easy, right? While it might be easy to reach for that ornament, apple-shaped paperweight, or cheeky coffee mug, DON’T. I asked real teachers and momma’s in the Momma Society Facebook Group to see what their favorite gifts to give/receive are and got the skinny on what to give that won’t end up forgotten in a drawer.

  • Do know that it’s okay to give a gift card. Coffee mugs are great but you know what’s better? A coffee gift card. You don’t need to go all out — a $5 card will cover the cost of their favorite drink and is a great way to stay on budget if you’re gifting multiple teachers. Starbucks and local coffee shops are always a fan favorite.

  • Don’t feel like you must give a certain amount. When you have multiple kiddos in school, teacher gifts can feel overwhelming. Don’t feel like you have to spend big money to make a big impression. Tight on funds? A few of our momma’s said that just receiving a handwritten card was just as meaningful as a physical gift.

  • Do think outside the box. Does your teacher love his dog? The class can pitch in for a matching dog collar and bracelet. Does she love to hike? Give her a map of your local state parks with some cute pushpins so she can mark off her favorite trails. Do they love yoga? Consider a personalized yoga mat for your favorite yogi. For bigger gifts, don’t be afraid to ask the other parents to pull funds together - it will take the pressure off everyone to give big.

Like momma always said, it’s the thought that counts. No matter the size of the gift, the most important thing is that our teachers and caregivers know that not only do we appreciate them, but also that they’re making a huge, positive difference in the lives of our kids. And that is priceless.

A Gift Guide for Teachers + Caregivers | Momma Society

One // Tech Taffy // This stuff is a gamechanger for the keyboard clean freaks out there. Easier to use than a can of air and it never goes bad. Tech-tacular! Okay, I'll see myself out.

Two// Bath Flowers + Salts // I love the lounge in the bath, especially after a long day of wrangling my kids. Treat your teacher to a relaxing soak that will feel and smell ahhh-mazing.

Three // The World’s Smallest Vacuum Cleaner // Clean-freaks rejoice! The world's smallest vacuum cleaner is not only precious, but it also plugs into a USB so it's perfect for desk use.

Four // Hydrangeas by the Stem // Insta-momma @sarahtucker let me know about this absolute STEAL on hydrangea stems -- 50 beautiful, full stems for $50. Like, what?! The more you buy, the lower the cost per stem is. Is that the sound of a small army of ants running across my keyboard or am I furiously entering my credit card info? The world may never know...

Five // Hand Refresher // Teachers (and really anyone who works with their hands) are constantly washing and disinfecting, which can be really tough on your hands. This hand refresher from Jao is designed to not only clean your hands but also to moisturize them, leaving your skin feeling fresh and fabulous.

Six // Personal Laminator and Laminator Sheets // Home-school mommas and teachers alike have raved about this personal laminator. It's totally budget friendly for a group gift and you can order the lamination sheets from Amazon too!

Seven // Recipe Box with Wooden Dividers // I love the idea of this recipe box for a caregiver or nutritionist. Take it to the next level by having the kiddos put cards in with their favorite recipes!

Eight // Three-Wick Candle // All of the amazing smell, none of the high price tag. This three-wick candle smells amazing and is designed to burn down evenly. Perfect for the classroom or the home.

Nine // Teacher’s Minimergency Kit // Paper cuts, energy lulls, tape emergency - oh my! Keep your teacher prepper on the go with this sweet mini-mergency kit that is specially designed to answer the call of little teaching emergencies everywhere.

Ten // Vanilla Latte Gummies // Sugar-free and packaged into a bite-sized gummy? I love this idea a-latte. A great twist on the traditional coffee mug gift for teachers, caregivers, and under-caffeinated people everywhere.

Eleven // Personalized Pencils // What is it about the pencils on a teacher's desk that makes kids want to take them and never bring them back? Give your teacher the upper hand on pencil reclamation with a set of personalized pencils that they'll easily be able to spot across the classroom.

Twelve // Thank You Notes // What's better than a thank you note? A thank you note that includes a pun, of course! This sweet set of thank you cards is great to have on hand for any and all gifting needs.

Thirteen // Pencil Water Bottle // Hydration? Sure, I think I can pencil you in! When you're leading a class full of kids, it's hard to get away and take a water break. Help your teacher take a water break without having to leave the classroom with this cute, pencil inspired reusable bottle.

Class dismissed!

So there you have it, my favorite finds for telling the wonderful teachers and caregivers in our lives that we love + appreciate them. Do you have any favorite teacher gifts that you want to share? Are you adding any of these to your back to school shopping list? Tag @MommaSociety on social and let me know!

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