Supporting new mommas
is my jam.


Hey Beautiful Momma.

Yes you, reading this with that little baby growing in your belly, or that sweet newborn wrapped up in your arms, or that toddler clinging to your legs. I am so glad you are here.

I’m Mandy. When I found out I was expecting my little boy Brody, I felt so alone. I was the first in my friend group to have a baby. The only person I had to turn to was my mom—and let’s be real, so much had changed since she became a momma.


All things

birth + baby.

A not-so-great birth + postpartum experience with my sweet little boy Brody led me to push Momma Society one step further. Mommas need deep support and I want to be that support that I had so desperately wished for. I spent the next 2 years going through trainings, taking tests, and observing births to become a Certified Childbirth Educator.

I put these skills to the ultimate test with the birth of my daughter Isla in 2017. Her birth was the most empowering experience of my life.

Each month I guide an intimate group of mommas-to-be through the step-by-step process I used to prepare for Isla’s birth + postpartum in my online course Birth Prep. I can’t even explain how much joy it brings me to support these moms.


Things that bring me joy


Speaking of joy, here are some other things that fill up my cup.

  • The beaches of the Outer Banks

  • Trying new restaurants with my high school sweetheart, JD

  • Swinging on the playground

  • Kitchen dance parties with Brody + Isla

  • Seeing moms encourage strangers in our Private Facebook Community

  • Post bedtime bubble baths

  • The perfect blush pink

  • Margaritas with an extra salty rim

  • Sour gummy worms

  • Volcano candles from Anthro

  • Making lists

And you. Motherhood is better together.


Birth Prep

My step-by-step online birth program that prepares modern moms for labor, birth and the first weeks of motherhood.


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