Our Favorite Books from the Momma Society Community

One of our favorite activities to do with the kids is make visits to the library and get a book or twenty to read for the week. Aside from the classics like The Giving Tree or Goodnight Moon, sometimes the amazing selection of kids’ books can feel a little overwhelming. I asked our moms in the Momma Soceity Private Facebook Group what their favorite books to read with kids are and they did not disappoint!

Favorite Books from Momma Society Moms

One // I Ain’t Gonna Paint No More! // This is a #MommaSocietyMomApproved choice and has been added to our ever growing library list. Can’t wait to read it!

Two // The Bad Seed // A friend recommended this and I love the message -- a sunflower seed starts out rotten but realizes he wants to be good. A great lesson for the kiddos!

Three // Madeline Paris is on my brain this week and I love the Madeline series. I love mixing classics in modern books to keep our home library interesting.

Four // The Wonderful Things You Will Be // This is one of our current family favorites and it has such a sweet message. Perfect for inspiring little hearts and minds.

Five // Grumpy Monkey // Have you ever been in a situation where the sun is shining, the day is perfect, yet your toddler cannot help but have a bad attitude? This book is a funny and smart way to address it. Highly recommend!

Six // Wee Hee-Hee: A Collection of Pretty Funny Jokes and Pictures / This book is great for slightly older kids. I purchased it on a whim and it has quickly become one of Brody’s favorites. He gets a kick out of the jokes!

Seven // My Mom is Magical // Unicorns and sparkles - that’s what mom’s are made of, right? I love a sweet, affirming board book and this one is just the ticket. You can also snag the dad’s version, My Dad is Amazing here.

Eight // Snuggle the Baby // This is one of Isla’s current favorite reads. We read it at least twice a day and I think it’s a perfect prepper for baby #3.

Nine // Just Ask // I love an inspiring kids’ book and this one nails it. For any kids that feels different, this book is a perfect affirmation that they are and always will be perfect and worthy.

Ten // You Belong Here // Another #MommaSocietyMomApproved read. The illustrations are gorgeous and the message is so sweet. It makes a perfect keepsake book.

Eleven // Tomorrow I’ll Be Brave // Today is sort of scary, could tomorrow be easier? I love that this book teaches kids to take things one day at a time and everything, including bravery, will be a little easier tomorrow.

Twelve // Just In Case You Want to Fly // Our last pick is another #MommaSocietyMomApproved book and I love the illustrations and writing. This is a perfect book for a kiddo starting a new adventure, like moving or starting school.