The BIG Gift Guide

Whether it’s a birthday, a holiday, or a celebration, we’re all familiar with the concept of the BIG gift. This one usually comes from mom + dad or the grandparents and it’s the biggest (often in size, with toys) gift that your kiddos will receive. But what do you give? A Peppa Pig sculpture? A real life baby shark? Hold up, momma, don’t panic. When it comes to the big gift, I have some seriously big ideas.

Picking the BIG Gift

I know toddler and kid tastes change constantly, so it’s hard to invest in a gift that they may not play with for that long. When we’re on the big gift hunt, I always keep these things in mind:

  • Can they grow with it? I want to make sure the kids get the most mileage from their big gifts, so I try not to purchase big ticket items that can’t be used beyond a certain age or size.

  • Can it be passed down? Sure that fancy trike make have been a gift for Brody, but that doesn’t Isla can’t play with it too. If you’re trying to get the most mileage out of your big toys, try to consider gender neutral toys that can appeal to all kids.

  • Is it going to last? Trendy and plastic are shiny and fun, but is there longevity in that? Usually no. When we pick out a big gift, I try to always choose sturdy materials like wood or metal that I know can take the heat from the toddler wear and tear.

Just like with adults, it won’t matter in 10 years how big the gift was, it will matter that you all were together to celebrate. If you’re hesitant to purchase a large gift (how many things have I bought for the kids thinking they’ll love them and then they hardly pay attention to it?) remember that big toys like this are often for sale on your local mom’s Facebook page or the marketplace, so you can find one for a lower price to make sure the kids will love it.

The BIG Gift | Momma Society

One // Kids 12V Ride-On Truck // Best Choice // Brody has one of these trucks and it has seriously made him the toast of our little town. Both he and Isla can ride around in it for hours and it makes evening walks more enjoyable for everyone.

Two // Kids Indoor Wooden Playset // Koala Adventure // This is a wonderful alternative to the traditional outdoor playset if you’re low on yard space. In addition to the pale wood, it also comes in a few bright color options that kids will love.

Three // Sunrise Cottage Playhouse // AGame // I love the timeless look of this playhouse and the rooster on top is adorable. This is another great option for both indoor and outdoor use, depending on your needs and space.

Four // Fire HD Kids Tablet // Amazon // Not only does this kid-friendly tablet come with a case (no additional purchase necessary), but it also comes with a 100% covered replacement promise for two years. If the tablet is lost or damaged, Amazon will replace it for free.

Five // Fresh Mart Grocery Store // Melissa & Doug // Excuse me, can I get a price check on aisle living room? Melissa & Doug make the most amazing wooden play toys and this market play set is no different.

Six // Little Tokyo Bike // TokyoBike // A sweet cruiser bike with training wheels? I’m not sure I can handle the cuteness. I love this as an alternative to the typical first bike and it comes in several gorgeous color options.

Seven // Cherry Tree Hall Dollhouse // Le Toy Van // I’ve had my eye on a dollhouse like this one for Isla and I cannot stop looking at it. It’s sturdy, beautiful, and will make an amazing heirloom item.

Eight // The Nugget Couch // Nugget Comfort // Part couch, part fort, all fun. Every momma I know with a Nugget Couch is obsessed with them and it’s easy to see why. A lot of kids furniture looks like something for a child, but I love that this is designed for kids AND looks good in an adult space.

Nine // Montauk Wooden Swing Set & Playset // KidKraft // This is the mother of all playsets. It has swings, a slide, and a playhouse - really what more could you want? I love the idea of giving this as a group gift for the whole family to use since it is such a big piece of equipment.

Ten // Pirate Boat Wood Sandbox // Costzon // Ahoy there, momma! Skip that trip to the park and pull in to your little buccaneers’ sand lagoon right in your own backyard. If sand isn’t your thing, use balls or foam pieces instead.

Eleven // Flowin’ Fun Water Table // Little Tikes // The water table is such a classic toy for your 0-2 age group, but is definitely fun for kids of all ages. This is also a great way to have a toy for smaller kiddos that older siblings can play with too.

Twelve // Chelsea All-in-1 Kitchen // Pottery Barn Kids // Can my kitchen look like this?? This play kitchen from Pottery Barn is beyond dreamy and comes in four color options that will go with any color scheme.

Thirteen // Shady Jump ‘n Slide Inflatable Bounce Room // Little Tikes // We’ve been using our dining room as a makeshift bounce room and the kids have never had so much fun. You can use these indoors or out and make a great option for rainy day fun.

Fourteen // Kids Foldable Play Tent // Little Dove // This is another item that can easily grow with kids. From tummy time to hiding away from mom and playing pretend, this tent has you covered for years to come.

Fifteen // Foam Ball Pit // BabyLuCompany // I love this ball pit - stylish, a machine washable cover (!!!), and you can customize the entire color pallet so that it goes with the decor in your home. The soft foam makes it a great option for smaller kids, too.

What are your go-to ideas for the BIG gift? Tag @MommaSociety on social media so I can see what you’re buying for your kiddos!