Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Babies & Toddlers Age 1-2

We are officially in November, so I think it is now a bit more socially acceptable to admit that I have been searching for the best gift ideas for babies and toddlers since September. Between the Holiday traditions (here's a great list of traditions to start this year), the gift giving, and the special family time together--I am excited for the weeks ahead! Our first Christmas as a family of 4 is sure to be a memorable one.

Today I am kicking off the very first of the holiday gift guides! These are so fun for me to put together and you all seem to love them as well. The consensus from the Momma Society Facebook Group was a request for age-based gift guides this year. So today I am sharing my favorite gift ideas for those 1-2 year olds in your life. Have a peek. 

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Animal Nesting Dolls | Wee Gallery $42 Wee Gallery has long been one of my favorite baby brands. Brody's entire nursery was inspired by their monochromatic animal cards. I love the twist they have taken on nesting dolls and pairing it with fun animal shapes. When Brody was a year and half old, one of his favorite toys was a nesting dolls set my brother brought back from a trip to Russia. I can only imagine how fun this set with black and white animals would be.

Stuffed Octopus | Jellycat $25 I am so picky when it comes to stuffed animals. There are tons of them on the market and it seems like every time I turn my head another one enters our home. But this octopus is so unique and soft that it is gaining my stamp of approval. I love that the tentacles are perfect for tiny hands to grab and it is different than the traditional teddy bear.

Wooden Toddler Slide | Peuro Baby $299 This wooden slide is one of my favorite discoveries this season. I love when a classic toy takes a modern twist. This slide is chic enough to be used in your living room or outdoors. Fun Fact: Prince George's nanny ordered this for his 1st birthday! Comes in three different colors.

School Bus (set of 4 pullback cars) | Melissa & Doug $18 These cars are a lot of fun for young toddlers. They will love pulling them back and watching them zoom forward. They are soft so you don’t have to worry about them banging into walls/furniture or your teething baby mouthing them.

Rocking Pegasus | PlanToys $88 I discovered this whimsical toy at the ABC Kids Expo last month and I fell in love. Ride on and rocking toys are always fun for this age group and the magical wings adorning this pegasus rocker are giving me all the heart eyes.

Cleaning Set | Melissa & Doug $30 Around 1, your little one might start to show an interest in cleaning (especially if they watch you do it) so why not reinforce that? This fun playset includes toddler sized cleaning supplies.

Tent | Cotton On $20 (bargain!) This simple tent will provide lots of fun for a young toddler. It’s open and light so they won’t feel enclosed but still provides a fun getaway for reading and playing. Comes in 3 fun prints.

Rainbow Stacker | Grimm's Spiel and Holz Design $89 I love discovering toys that are cool to play with and also awesome decorative pieces for kids rooms. This rainbow stacker is one of them. A fun piece to play with and an equally fun piece to showcase on a shelf. The colors are a pastel twist on the traditional ROYGBIV. This is high on my wish list for Isla!

Bath Time Play Set | B. Toys $23 Between 1 and 2 your toddler will love playing in the tub. This bath toy has lots of different ways to play. It introduces colors and shapes and helps with motor skills. The best part is after bath time you can store all the pieces in the boat so no mess!

Play Table | Amazon $149 I am always on the hunt for gifts that are practical, yet enjoyable for the kids. A play table is the perfect gift idea for a grandparent or family member asking what they can buy your little one for the holidays. I've seen this play table in person and it is freaking adorable!

Play Sushi Set | Seedling $20 When one of mom's favorite foods comes in miniature form, I am all over it! Complete with chopsticks, pretend sashimi and miniature soy sauce.

Montessori Coins | Etsy $20 These Montessori inspired coins provide suggestions for child-led, play-based activities. These particular coins are meant for toddlers between 1-2 years of age so they are large and thick and exceed the requirement for small objects set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Chair | Pottery Barn $109 The Pottery Barn My First Anywhere Chair makes a great gift for a one-year-old. This sweet chair is low to the ground and very comfortable. There are tons of color/design/personalization options too!

Tree Activity Center | Manhatten Toy Company $99 This activity center has so much to do. There is no way your toddler will get bored or grow out of this quickly.

Sensory Balls | B.Toys $12 Your one-two year old will love these balls. They come in bright, fun colors and each one feels different so it’s a great sensory toy.

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Do you have a little one ages 1-2? If so, what are they going to be getting for the holidays?

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