My Favorite Gifts for The Modern Mom

I have to preface this post by saying it may or may not look exactly like my Christmas list this year. The only thing missing is a full night of sleep, a maid, and something to take care of these massive under the eye bags #sleepdeprivation. Since those 3 seem to be out of the running for this year, I'm rounding up the rest of my favorites gift ideas for the modern mom below.

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One: Jet Lagged Travel Pillow A vacation is on my mind! Every time we travel I wish for a travel pillow. I love that this one says jet lagged because that is the reality of most of our trips these days.

Two: Fleece Lined Socks A great gift for those chilly mornings. These socks are lined in fleece to keep you extra warm.

Three: Cafe Bowls Stylish table ware makes doing the dishes a little more fun. I love this ombre set--perfect if you have open shelving in your kitchen!

Four: Luggage I recently realized that we have been using the same suitcase for almost 10 years. With four of us now, we are long overdue for a larger suitcase. I love the vintage feel of this one.

Five: Running Shoes Chasing a toddler often requires full on sprinting. I love that this pair is chic, comfortable and practical.

Six: Pizza Stone A cute pizza stone will make me feel better about all of those nights when frozen pizza is for dinner, right?

Seven: Pom Pom Blanket In a world full of swaddle blankets, having a special one reserved just for mom feels like a luxury--especially when you're unwinding after a long day with a glass of wine.

Eight: Marble Cutting Boards I feel like I am always chopping up food into bite-sized pieces for my toddler. These miniature cutting boards are the perfect size and stylish to keep on display.

Nine: Initial Necklaces I love jewelry that reminds me of the ones I love most. These subtle initial necklaces are classic and can be worn everyday for years to come.

Ten: Only Love Today If you're a mom, you need this book. I bought it on a whim last Summer and it has been my favorite read. It reads lost like a devotional. You can open it to nearly any page when you are feeling overwhelmed with motherhood and it is an instant mood lifter.

Eleven: Gray Malin's Escape Coffee Table Book This beautiful coffee table book takes you to exotic places and relaxing spaces. I am a big fan of Gray Malin's photography and love the concept of this book.

Twelve: Blush Faux Fur Coat I am still on a serious blush kick. I love the color and shape of this jacket. It is the perfect way to spice ups casual outfit.

Thirteen: Brass Mixing Bowls These are high on my wish list! These are great for baking or to use as popcorn bowls.

Fourteen: Packing Cubes Packing cubes are one of the greatest inventions for an organizational freak like myself. This set is perfect when you are packing for multiple people in one suitcase. You'll use them for years to come. These would also be great for packing a diaper bag or hospital bag.

Fifteen: Jersey Pajama Set More often than not. I am in my pajamas until early afternoon. Cute loungeware makes me feel slightly more put together. I love the look of this set.

Sixteen:Leather Handle Market Backpack For those days when you are tired of carrying around a diaper bag, this market bag can take its place. It still has plenty of room for diapers and all of the necessities.

Seventeen: Coffee Is Magic Stoneware Mug These stoneware mugs make a great gift for your girlfriends. Coffee truly is magical when you're a mom.

Eighteen: Writing Desk I dream of the day where I will be able to sit at a beautiful desk and write. This desk is everything I would want in a desk (and it is a great price!) Gold hardware, storage drawers, white exterior--oh la la!

Nineteen: Pot Holders These make a great stocking stuffer. I love the leather detailing. Since they're from Joanna Gaines collection, that kind of makes me and her BFF's, right!?