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Expecting a Baby? You’re Going to Want to Checkout Bloomlife Smart Pregnancy Tracker

I vividly remember entering my third trimester when I was pregnant with Brody and wondering how I would ever know if I was in labor. I was a first time mom and I had every worry in the world. What would contractions really feel like? Was my body prepping for labor as my due date approached? When would I feel confidant to going to the hospital once labor started? Contractions and labor were so foreign to me.

Even now as a certified childbirth educator and a second-time mom, I had some of the same feelings as we awaited Isla’s arrival. The one thing I wish I would have had? A peek inside my body.

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4 Things I Wish I would Have Known About Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding Brody did not come naturally. I envisioned it being an ethereal experience and a natural process that would just click at first latch. I remember struggling at the hospital with the lactation consultant as his little lip curled under and he could not get a firm latch. The first month or two of nursing was far from enjoyable, but we stuck it out and ended up having a great first year of breastfeeding. I have had quite a few moms ask how nursing has been going with Isla. It has been quite different so far, but in a good way.<

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Old Wives Tales About Baby Gender

Today is the big day. The 20-week ultrasound! It feels a bit like Christmas Eve waiting for our appointment—I’m anxious, excited and oh, so curious to know who is growing inside of me. We’ll be sharing with the world in the next couple of weeks—likely when we’re babymooning in Bermuda. All of the light pink and light blue buildings in Bermuda seem like the perfect gender reveal spot.

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A Little Update on Baby #2

When they told me subsequent pregnancies went by a lot faster, they were right. With Brody, I could have told you exactly what size of fruit he was each week. I had read the week-by-week summaries religiously. I googled everything. This time around, I find myself feeling lucky if I can remember how many weeks along I am.

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