A Little Update on Baby #2

When they told me subsequent pregnancies went by a lot faster, they were right. With Brody, I could have told you exactly what size of fruit he was each week. I had read the week-by-week summaries religiously. I googled everything. This time around, I find myself feeling lucky if I can remember how many weeks along I am.

The start of the 2nd trimester has brought an insatiable appetite. It has brought a bit more energy. And it has brought about so many memories of my pregnancy with Brody. From the birth planning to the pregnancy brain, here’s a little recap of the past 6 weeks.

PS: If you missed the first 10 weeks, you can catch up with this pregnancy recap.

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Week 11

Doula interview. Brody and I headed to Starbucks today to meet with a potential doula. She rocked. My initial vibe of her was that she is everything I would expect in a doula--kind, positive, friendly, and knowledgeable. I am feeling like she is going to be money well spent. I left our coffee date feeling excited and energized about labor and birth. Knowing I will have two cheerleaders by my side this time around--that's a good feeling. 

Pregnancy Weeks 11 - 16 | Pregnancy Announcement | Pregnancy Journal | Pregnancy Bump | Bump Pictures

Week 12

Eavesdropping. I was at the airport today flying home from a quick trip to visit friends in Atlanta. After arriving at the airport super early, and a flight delay--I sat in the terminal subconsciously listening to the conversations of those around me. These two little boys were squished together in a chair in front of me. They couldn't have been older than 6&8 years. There was no mistaking their brotherly bond. They chatted about football--NFL players, the teams, and football strategies. The littlest turned to his brother and every so sincerely asked "if I play for the Ravens one day, will you cheer for me?" Big bro replied with a solid "yes". Perhaps it's the pregnancy hormones, but this was one of those little moments of validation that giving Brody a sibling to grow up with--a life long supporter, a forever partner in crime--this is the greatest gift. I can't wait to overhear conversations like this in our home one-day. There is so much to look forward to!

Baby names. On our drive home from our workout last night, JD and I started chatting about baby names. I've kept a running list of names I like for the past few years. Some get taken off the list after a few months, some stick around for a while. JD wanted to hear them. Let's just say, we're back to the drawing board on this one! Naming a child sure is a lot of pressure!

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Pregnancy Brain. There is such a thing as pregnancy brain. Whether or not it has scientifically been proven, I think my day today is enough to prove it. My morning may have started at 4am, so #sleepdepervation could be a contributing factor, but holy cow, can one person seriously make so many mindless mistakes in a single day? A trip to the zoo to meet up with a friend has been on the calendar for a week now. I was so happy we made it out of the door early! 20 minutes into the drive I realized my phone was at home. This usually wouldn't be a major issue, but how would I find my friend at the zoo? So we did a U-turn and headed home to grab the phone. 45 minutes after we were supposed to meet, we finally arrived at the parking lot. As if that wasn’t enough, on the way (a route I've driven dozens of times) I took a wrong exit and got lost. And tonight? Well tonight I was working on a video campaign for a cereal brand. Finally had it all finished and was editing it only to double check the contract and realize I used the wrong cereal brand. How many mistakes can I make in one day? 

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Week 13

The bump. I keep hearing that your bump starts appearing quicker the 2nd time around. This hasn't been the case so far. The first trimester brought a total of nearly 10lbs lost. A bump of any sort was far from being seen. But today as I'm kicking off the 2nd trimester of pregnancy, I can see it coming. It looks a bit like I ate a chipotle burrito at the moment, but I'm excited for the bump to continue to grow. I'm excited for the flutters that will turn into kicks. I'm excited for this little babe. 

Week 14

Caffeine. I laid in bed tonight feeling energized. Brody's toys were put away before we went to bed. I competed a long report with a fast approaching deadline. I glanced at the clock and saw it was nearly 11pm--the latest I had managed to stay awake for months. I thought to myself, wow this 2nd trimester is really packing the punch when it comes to energy. Then, I quickly realized it was probably the coffee I drank late this afternoon--the first cup I've had this pregnancy. And now it is 4 am and I am still wide awake. Wired. Brain racing. Here I am researching placenta encapsulation in the darkness of the night. I think I'll be staying away from the coffee for a while. Sleep is too precious these days.

Pregnancy Weeks 11 - 16 | Pregnancy Announcement | Pregnancy Journal | Pregnancy Bump | Bump Pictures

Pregnancy dreams. I had my first pregnancy dream today. In my dream, I went in for the ultrasound and the tech gave me an envelope indicating boy or girl. I had someone dye my hair blue for boy or pink for girl without me seeing. The next morning I woke up looked in the mirror and my entire hair was blue. I cried. I have no idea if they were happy tears or sad tears, but I cried. I woke up slightly confused whether it had really happened or had it been a dream. Boy these pregnancy dreams are wild. Vowing to think of a better gender reveal over the next few weeks than dying my hair.

Week 15

Feeling faint. I've had these moments twice this week. The first time I was ironing Brody's shirt and suddenly my ears started ringing, my vision got fuzzy and I knew if I didn't sit down quick enough, I'd be on the floor. Same thing happened just now in the shower. Is it the sinus infection I’m battling? Or is it the pregnancy? I'm having flash backs to my pregnancy with Brody. I think I was right around 16 weeks pregnant. We were in Morocco wandering through the incredible maze of the souk (marketplace). I was haggling with a shop owner over beautiful tasseled key chains. Suddenly the world started spinning. The loud voices in the marketplace faded and my husband caught me before I hit the ground. A group of women from England were walking by. One of them stop to hand me some sort of sugary item from her purse and make sure I was ok. The shop owner brought me a chair. And the kindness of strangers was so evident despite being in a foreign land. We bought as many tasseled key chains as we could from the sweet man. This pregnancy is chalking up so many feelings and memories from two years ago as Brody grew in my belly.

2am we meet again. The universe is trying to tell me something at this time of day. Every night for weeks now, I've been waking up from 2-4am. I want to complain because goodness what I would give for a full night of uninterrupted sleep, however I'm chalking it up as some early prep for the sleepless nights to come. It's 2:30am now and I'm in full pregnant lady mode--just devoured two waffles. Now to twiddle my thumbs until the sleep fairies strike again.

Pregnancy Weeks 11 - 16 | Pregnancy Announcement | Pregnancy Journal | Pregnancy Bump | Bump Pictures

Week 16

Midwife Appointment. I had another appointment today and I am starting to realize the vast difference between and OB visit and a midwife visit. With the OB visits, I was always amazed and happy with how quickly I was in and out of the appointment. With the midwife I've been amazed and happy by how relaxed and slow our visits go. Today was no exception. I sat in the patient room with the midwife for nearly 45 minutes chitchatting about birth and placentas, hobbies and pregnancies. It was like catching up with an old friend. Then we went on to check the baby’s heartbeat. 144 bpm. The dun dun dun dun dun dun was music to my ears. Our next appointment is the 20 week ultrasound. I am anxious to find out the sex this time around.

Baby kicks. I was sitting on my friend’s couch today when I felt the first flutter. The first outward sign of this little babe growing inside. The moment where this whole process actually starts to feel real. The instant when you start thinking that morning sickness wasn’t so bad when these little flutters are the result.

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