Expecting a Baby? You’re Going to Want to Checkout Bloomlife Smart Pregnancy Tracker

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I vividly remember entering my third trimester when I was pregnant with Brody and wondering how I would ever know if I was in labor. I was a first time mom and I had every worry in the world. What would contractions really feel like? Was my body prepping for labor as my due date approached? When would I feel confidant to going to the hospital once labor started? Contractions and labor were so foreign to me.

Bloomlife Smart Pregnancy Tracker Review

Even now as a certified childbirth educator and a second-time mom, I had some of the same feelings as we awaited Isla’s arrival. The one thing I wish I would have had? A peek inside my body.

Meet Bloomlife.

Bloomlife is a smart pregnancy tracker changing the way mothers listen to their bodies as they prepare for the birth of their little ones. This small at-home monitor tracks uterine contraction patterns and times them for you. Long gone are the days of tracking contractions with a stopwatch.

Bloomlife Smart Pregnancy Tracker Review

Bloomlife gives you an automated and accurate view of your contraction pattern and the lengths. These insights can be helpful for care providers since expectant mommas often go a full week or two between visits in the last trimester. But best of all, they can be empowering for moms as they find patterns to their contractions.

You might remember back in 2016 at the ABC Kids Expo when I first met the Bloomlife team and I was so fascinated by this little device they had created—it even made my list of 17 Coolest Baby Products to Check Out. It was something that would truly help moms. Something to calm worries. Something to empower women.

Bloomlife Smart Pregnancy Tracker Review

Since 2016, they have been perfecting this smart device and helping moms across the US as they prepare for birth. The team recently sent over a Bloomlife device for me to check out and although I am not expecting, this is something I would have loved to have during my pregnancies.

How Does it work?

Bloomlife makes tracking contractions a simple experience.

The little Bloomlife sensor is placed on your belly using a gentle patch.

Bloomlife Smart Pregnancy Tracker Review

Next, Bloomlife starts listening to your body and observing your uterine muscle activity to identify contractions.

The final step is where Bloomlife seamlessly syncs its observations with the Bloomlife app on your phone and translates its discoveries into easy-to-understand contraction data.

What can the app show?

What I really love about the Bloomlife app is the simplicity it offers. It takes what could be hard to decipher information and translates it into clear data anyone can understand.

The top of the app screen shows your contraction pattern for the time you were wearing Bloomlife. As your pregnancy progresses, this is a great way to observe changes and compare trends to see how your body is preparing for birth.

The app also gives you a real-time view of contractions. If you are like me when I was expecting Brody and clueless about what a contraction felt like, this feature will allow you to see when you are having a contraction as you are having one.

The app also provides the ultimate contraction stats. These stats give you the precise amount of time that your contractions are lasting and how far apart your contractions are. This information can be so helpful to relay to a care provider or doula.

Bloomlife Smart Pregnancy Tracker Review

Who is it for?

The neat thing about Bloomlife is the diversity of expectant moms that can benefit from this smart device. First time moms who are wanting to be more in touch with their body as they approach labor, moms who have gone into labor early with previous pregnancies, moms who live far from their hospital or birth center—there are benefits Bloomlife can provide to every expectant momma. Whether it is peace of mind, clarity on labor, or less trips to the hospital for false alarms---Bloomlife is a helpful device.

As I start to delve deeper into my career in childbirth education, I can’t wait to share Bloomlife as a tool for expectant mommas. The last thing any expectant mom needs to be doing is worrying about going into labor.

The Nitty Gritty:

Bloomlife Smart Pregnancy Tracker Review

+Bloomlife is a weekly subscription service. Typically moms start using the Bloomlife device in their 3rd trimester.

+Most moms use Bloomlife for a few hours a day when they are unwinding in the evening. The device does not use ultrasound to track the contractions, making it safe for continuous use.

+The cost of Bloomlife is $20/week

+Once your little one arrives, you simply box up your Bloomlife and ship it back in the same box it arrived in with the pre-paid shipping label.

+Cool fact—Part of Bloomlife’s mission is to use the data moms donate from their tracking to help find answers to preterm birth and other trends discovered by the monitor.

A Bloomlife Discount Code Just for Momma Society Readers:

Use code MS10 when you are checking out to save 10% on your weekly rental price!

Bloomlife Smart Pregnancy Tracker Review

To learn more about Bloomlife or reserve a smart pregnancy tracker, visit their website here—There are some awesome stories on their website from moms who have used the smart device. I especially loved reading the story from a mom of 5!

What was your first sign of labor? Did you experience contractions throughout your pregnancy or did you start to notice them as your due date approached?