Old Wives Tales About Baby Gender & My Prediction for Baby #2

Today is the big day. The 20-week ultrasound! It feels a bit like Christmas Eve waiting for our appointment—I’m anxious, excited and oh, so curious to know who is growing inside of me. We’ll be sharing with the world in the next couple of weeks—likely when we’re babymooning in Bermuda. All of the light pink and light blue buildings in Bermuda seem like the perfect gender reveal spot.

Everyone wants to know whether we want a boy or a girl. Ask me one day, I'll have one reply, ask me the next, it's the opposite. I’m split straight down the middle. On one hand, I want a girl because the cute outfits and the mom & daughter adventures. I grew up with all brothers, so it would be a whole new territory for me. I want a girl because we have so many girl name options. I want a girl because many of my friends are having girls and how fun would it be to watch them grow up together.

On the other hand, I want a boy because I daydream of Brody having a little brother—a playmate, a forever best friend. I have adored being a boy mom. I love watching the bond between my husband and Brody. I feel like I would be more prepared with what to expect if we have another baby boy. A girl would be a bit foreign to me. There is just something so innately sweet about boys. I can picture myself being a boy mom with a gaggle of little guys filling our home.

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I thought it would be fun to go through a few old wives tales on predicting the sex of your baby. Thanks to the moms in the Momma Society Private Facebook Group for filling me in on all of these fun tales. Although there is virtually no scientific data to back up any of these claims—it’s crazy how one sided they are for this pregnancy!

Baby Dreams

The theory: I’ve heard this tale go both ways, but the consensus on most round-ups of baby dreams say you will have the opposite sex of what you dream.

Verdict: Girl (I’ve had one pregnancy dream and baby was a boy)

Heart Rate

The theory: If the heart rate is above 140 bmp, it’s a girl. If it is below, it’s a boy.

Verdict: Girl (heart rate at last appointment was 148)

Sweet vs. Salty Cravings

The theory: If you are craving sweets, it’s a boy. If you’re craving salty, it’s a girl.

Verdict: Girl (All salty. I usually have a serious sweet tooth!)

Hand Smoothness

The theory: Soft hands mean girl, dry hands mean boy.

Verdict: Girl (I usually have very dry hands.)

Morning Sickness and Nausea

The theory: If you have excessive morning sickness & nausea, it’s a girl. If not, it’s a boy.

Verdict: Girl (Little to no nausea during my pregnancy with Brody)

Pregnancy Glow

The theory: Clear skin and beauty shining through means boy. Acne and #hotmessmom means girl.

Verdict: Girl (with Brody, my skin was so clear during pregnancy--the opposite this time for sure.)

Citrus Cravings

The theory: If you’re craving sour and citrus, it’s a girl. If not, it’s a boy.

Verdict: Girl (Grapefruits, lemon everything, and OJ have been my BFF.)

Wedding Ring on String

The theory: Lace the ring on a string, thread or strand of hair. Have your partner hold it over your belly. If the ring moves back and fourth, it’s a boy. If the ring moves in circles, it’s a girl.

Verdict: Girl

Chinese Gender Chart

The theory: Using your age at conception and month of conception, this chart is thought to predict the gender. Try the Chinese Gender Chart here.

Verdict: Boy

Body Hair Growth

The theory: If your body hair grows quicker and on your belly, boy. If not, girl.

Verdict: Girl (This theory was true with Brody!)

Mood Test

The theory: If you’re moody, girl. If you’re extra pleasant, boy.

Verdict: Girl (My husband would fully agree on this one.)

Brody’s Prediction: Girl

My Prediction: Girl

JD’s Prediction: Girl

So what do you think?  Are we in for a big surprise this afternoon? What other old wives tales have you heard on sex predictions?

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