A 3rd Trimester Bumpdate + My Favorite Maternity Skirt

Two days shy of 36 weeks. Where has time gone!? I'm nearing the end of my third trimester and this baby is going to be ready to join us before we know it. Whether or not we're ready--that is another story. 

It has been a while since I did a bump update (you can read the first two bumpdates here and here), so I thought it would be fun to round up some of my final thoughts on this pregnancy and what's ahead.  

Tulle+Maternity+Skirt+and+Leopard+Top+_+Maternity+Clothes+_+Bump+Style+Summer+_+Maternity+Fashion+_+Bump+Style+_+Shop+Pink+Blush+Maternity (1).jpg

Top: Equipment from a few years back (similar & similar) | Skirt: PinkBlush c/o | Bag: Lo & Sons c/o | Engraved Bangles: Etsy

Oh, and before I get to the good stuff---there were lots of comments and questions about this outfit when I posted it on Instagram over the weekend. The tulle skirt has been the perfect addition to my maternity wardrobe. It's fun and playful and possibly the first time I've worn a skirt since the first trimester! Since the waistband is elastic, you bet this will be on heavy rotation post birth as well!

Now onto the bump update.




I am not sure that 9 months has ever passed so quickly. Are we really getting this close to baby time?


The 20 extra pounds is making my feet ache and the bump is out in full force these days.

Baby kicks

Lots of them. Hard ones. Especially around 4:30am.


I don’t want the days Brody and I spend together to end. I am sappy about the thought of sharing myself with two littles.


The heartburn has been making sleeping tough. Squeezing in naps when I can.


What will she look like? What will her little personality be like? What will make her smile? What will her giggles sounds like? I am so curious! 


I can't even explain how helpful, caring and selfless my husband has been through this whole pregnancy. I know I've bragged about him before, but I am forever thankful he's my other half.


The baby cuddles, the baby wearing, the sweet newborn clothes, nursing—there are so many moments I am excited to experience again.


Ready to tackle the labor and birth. I feel like I have the right support team this time around and lower expectations for myself. I've created a special course just for new moms that details all the techniques and steps I used to prepare for this labor. 


Regardless of the discomforts, I am so grateful for this baby, this pregnancy, and the gift she will be to our family.

Tulle+Maternity+Skirt+and+Leopard+Top+_+Maternity+Clothes+_+Bump+Style+Summer+_+Maternity+Fashion+_+Bump+Style+_+Shop+Pink+Blush+Maternity (2).jpg

Looking forward to…

Celebrating the Baby

A weekend brunch is on the books and I am looking forward to celebrating our little one with some of my favorite people.

Maternity Pictures

My talented friend Dana is coming over in the morning to take a some maternity pictures—a bathtub filled with milk, pink peonies and a baby bump. I can’t wait!

Finishing Brody’s Big Boy Room

I want him to have a special new space--it's probably more for me and that lingering mom guilt than for him, but I hope he appreciates it.

Tulle Maternity Skirt and Leopard Top | Maternity Clothes | Bump Style Summer | Maternity Fashion | Bump Style | Shop Pink Blush Maternity

Worried about…


Will I have the same feelings I had during postpartum with Brody again? Will I struggle to feel happy when I am sleep deprived? Will I wish away so many of the newborn moments as I did the first time around? Will I be able to ask for help when I need it? Will I be able to be a good mom to Brody while we transition? Ugh. The mom guilt and worry is real.

Tulle Maternity Skirt and Leopard Top | Maternity Clothes | Bump Style Summer | Maternity Fashion | Bump Style | Shop Pink Blush Maternity

Procrastinating on….

The Nursery

Besides the closet, the nursery is still in shambles. Procrastinating on making design decisions for the space.

The Hospital Bag Packing

Once my hospital bag is packed, things start to feel real. Procrastinating on it is making me feel like I have more time left than I really do.

Picking a Middle Name

We’re not completely settled on a middle name yet. Still bouncing around ideas as they pop up.

Sweet baby girl, we are so excited for you to join our family. We're keeping our fingers crossed you hang in there a little longer so we can get a few more things ready for ya! 


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