A Family Bucket List for Fall

October--the start of the most beautiful time of year. Cooler weather, leaves changing color, and holiday spirit. From pumpkin patches to Thanksgiving dinner, there is so much fun to be had during fall. I started shopping for some fall clothes for Brody and Isla a few weeks ago, and I began thinking of all the fun activities for us to do together. I mainly focused on finding outdoor activities, so that we could enjoy the crisp colorful days of fall before they fade into winter. I’ve put together a printable fall bucket list full of fun activities for you to do with your family. I’ll also be sending out some fun ideas and thoughts for this season in our newsletter, the Momma Minute! Sign up today, so you don’t miss a thing!

Fall is a magical time with kids. Now that we live in South Carolina, I’m excited to put on our plaid (and boots for momma!) and head to pumpkin patches and corn mazes! Exploring the pumpkin patch is a classic activity that will always be a hit with the kiddos. Most pumpkin patches in our area include hayrides, apple cider and hot chocolate, or a corn maze. This variety of activities makes them perfect for kids of all ages.

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My Favorite Fall Activities:

Pass out Halloween candy | We have already stocked up (and eaten half of it). We will definitely have to do a second run to the store before the 31st rolls around. I’ve picked all the starburst out for sure…I’m all about that sour candy!

Jump in a big pile of leaves | Now that we live in South Carolina, we finally get to do this for the first time! I’ve been looking forward to this since we moved. I’m loving seeing all the trees change colors as the temperature drops.

Visit a pumpkin patch | Cliché, I know! We have an annual tradition of going with my college besties to a pumpkin patch in the Blue Ridge mountains. It’s definitely one of the things I most look forward to each year.

Go to the zoo | As you know from Brody’s 3rd birthday party, the zoo is one of our favorite places to spend time as a family. I love that in the fall the crowds have thinned out and the weather is perfect for strolling around and looking at all the animals.


When we lived in Arizona we didn’t have the opportunity to experience the fall season in the same way that cooler climates do, but there were still plenty of fun fall events to participate in! A few years ago we visited a fall festival with a petting zoo and baby Brody absolutely loved it! He had so much fun looking at the goats (and tugging on their ears!). I can’t wait to find somewhere similar in Greenville to take Brody and Isla this year.

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We're so excited to experience fall as a family and can't wait to show Brody and Isla why it's our favorite time of year. 

To make sure you take full advantage of all the fun to be had this season, I put together a printable fall bucket list. Print it out, tape it to your fridge, and see how many you can cross off the list with your family. Use the #mommasociety on Instagram to share your completed bucket list and fall adventures with the Momma Society community!

Fall Bucket List Activities for fall family fun

What is your favorite fall tradition? Share some of the activities that you do with your family!

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