The Best of Family Holiday Pajamas

Too early to start hunting for the perfect holiday themed family pajamas? Fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-false! Last year, I put together my list of favorite holiday pj’s for little ones, but this year I’m excited to expand my search to the whole family!

Where I Shop for Holiday Pajamas

Amazon | Amazon has a huge selection of holiday pajamas so you're sure to find something for everyone. I love the Burt's Bees collection on Amazon (we own more than a few of these) plus they generally carry the same patterns and styles from year to year, so it's easy to replace an item!

Hanna Anderson | Hanna Anderson's pajamas are to die for and she has family collections that span a variety of themes and characters. She also has great accessories like socks and items for pets so that the entire family is totally coordinated!

Nordstrom | Nordstrom has a great selection for baby,toddler, and big kids and a coordinating options for adults. While they do have a limited number of styles, there are multiple pattern options for each, so you're sure to find something that works for everyone!

The Best of Holiday Pajamas for the Family

My Tips for Shopping for Family Pajamas

Pick a basic pattern for kids | Kids tend to grown (usually overnight), so if you want to get more than one year of wear for the little ones, pick a pattern that can be found again easily the next year in case the original seller no longer carries that line.

Size up (+ buy the next size up if you can) | If you find a pattern or style that you love, you might want to consider buying it too big (or even buying the next size up) so you can keep them again for next year. The good part is if you’re sticking with a gender neutral design, you can easily share last year’s size with little brother or sister this year!

Consider if the fabric is a fit for where you live | Now that we’re in South Carolina, I feel like we can finally enjoy flannel without suffering from a heat stroke. A lot of holiday pajamas tend to come in flannel or a thicker fabric, so if you live somewhere warm, stick with cotton or another light fabric.

Don’t be fooled by the photos below - all of these options come in sizes for baby, toddler, big kids AND adults. Some even have optional accessories like slippers or scarves and items for the family pet!

The Best of Family Holiday Pajamas.jpg

One | BedHead Ornament Pajamas | Nordstrom | I love the classic ornament design on these pajamas! They're made with stretchy cotton and come in toddler, little kid, and big kid sizes. Adult options are listed as well!

Two | BedHead Toy Soldier Pajamas | Nordstrom | Another option from BedHead with matching sizes for the whole crew + an outfit for the pups, too!

Three | Eight Nights | Hanna Anderson | Hanna's collections have zip-up onesies for tiny tots (ranging from 0-3 months all the way up to 3T) and a long-john style for big kids. Not to worry, mom and dad, the adult sizes come in two pieces!

Four | Winter Penguins | Hanna Anderson | There's two kids' options for this one: either the penguin print seen here or another version with a penguin face and striped pants. Perfect for coordinating a few little ones that don't want to match exactly!

Five | Gnomes | Hanna Anderson | Rollin' with my gnomies! The gnome collection has a ton of style options, including a night dress, mix-and-match tops and bottoms, and the cutest gnome-inspired winter hat I've ever seen.

Six | Very Merry | Hanna Anderson | A classic striped look for the ultimate classic Christmas morning. This collection has a few fun hats that pair with it so you and your crew can take the perfect 'elfie around the tree!

Seven | Saint Nick | Hanna Anderson | "Add it to your cart quick, quick, quick, so you can all look like ole Saint Nick!" or at least I think that's how the song stockings to match!

Eight | Dear Deer | Hanna Anderson | The thought of my kids running around our house dressed like actual reindeer makes me want to burst with holiday cheer! I love that this collection has the classic print pictured as well as a fun deer option. It also has precious hats, gloves, slippers, stockings, and a seriously cozy blanket that match.

Nine | Buffalo Check | Burt's Bees | These are a great Amazon find and I've got a pair for Brody and Isla sitting in my cart. I love the classic buffalo check print (you remember my obsession with gingham, right?) and it comes in a variety of styles for everyone!

Ten | Hand Drawn Snowflakes | Burt's Bees | This is the same pattern that I'm wearing in the photo at the top of this post and I love them! Super soft organic cotton, and it has a mix-and-match option for adult sizes.

Eleven | Cranberry Rugby Stripe | Burt's Bees | Brody and Isla both have these pajamas and they're easy to coordinate with the other Burt's Bees styles! I love that the infant sizes have a footed option to keep tiny toes warm all winter long.

Twelve | Fair Isle | Burt's Bees | Momma's, if pants aren't your thing, this style has a thermal nightgown option! Burt's Bees has so many style options and a huge range of sizes, so you can find something for everyone here.

What is your family wearing this holiday season? Any styles or favorite finds that I missed? Leave me a note in the comments below or tag @MommaSociety in your posts so I can see your cute styles!

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