The Best of Halloween Costumes for Babies and Toddlers

Happy first day of Fall! Now that we finally live in a state with fall-like weather, Halloween is on my mind (along with Pumpkin Spiced Lattes). We are going the DIY route this year with Brody and Isla, and I cannot wait to show you what we’ve come up with! I’ll give you a hint that it involves one of our favorite sweet treats. I’ve still been stalking Amazon and Etsy for ideas and inspiration though, and I stumbled across a ton of cute options for babies and toddlers.

When searching for a costume for your baby, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, their mobility and age. Options 2 and 8 are great for newborns that still need a lot of support and coverage! Also, you’ll want to consider climate. Nothing is worse than finding the perfect costume and having to completely cover it up with bulky coats and scarves. There are quite a few options that provide full coverage, with the ability to hide layers underneath, allowing you to still showcase your adorable bear or shark! Lastly, theme it up! Do you have multiple kiddos that love the sea, then options 7 and 9 would be great for you. If you are more of a barn yard type family, costumes 1 and 3 will make you the cutest farm on the block!

If you are looking for a cute Halloween costume for your little one this year, I’ve rounded up my 12 favorites below.

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One: Pink Piggy | Target | This little costume looks so comfy and is a great price point!

Two: Rocket Ship | Amazon | This would be perfect for a brand new baby that still needs to be all covered up!

Three: Plush Lamb | Amazon (Already sold out, so this is similar!) | This costume is clearly very popular, and I can see cute!!

Four: Peacock | Amazon | If you're wanting your baby to really stand out, this is the costume for you.

Five: Ice Cream | Etsy | This costume was giving me ALL the inspiration.

Six: Teddy Bear | Amazon | The perfect costume for your little baby bear.

Seven: Shark | Amazon | Full coverage for those colder climates and a great price point!

Eight: Bumble Bee | Amazon | Another perfect option for those super small babies!

Nine: Gold Fish | Amazon | I'm dying over all the detailing on this one!

Ten: Penguin | Target | A Baby in a penguin suit...need I say more??

Eleven: Strawberry | Amazon | This option is oh so sweet! A perfect option for little girls.

Twelve: Lion | Amazon | This one looks super comfy and a"roar"able!

What are your plans for Halloween costumes this year? Do you go the DIY route? Does the whole family dress up, or just the kiddos?

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