The ABC’s of CO Safety with First Alert

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“What’s that beeping noise? The doors are closed, so it’s not the alarm. I just replaced the batteries in the fire detector so it can’t be that. Am I really hearing something or am I going crazy? Wait – the carbon monoxide detector! Oh snap, is that beeping a good or a bad thing?” – Me, 2019

Before kids I never paid attention to things like carbon monoxide detectors, fire extinguishers, or heck, even cleaning my bathroom on a regular schedule. Now that we’re prepping for baby #3, I’m taking a closer look at the safety and preparedness plans + gadgets in the Roberson home to ensure that all three of our kiddos stay healthy for years to come.

If you’re like me, the first things that come to mind are generally the obvious ones – extra batteries in case of a power outage, bottled water for a plumbing issue, and emergency chocolate for when it’s one of those days. But what about the threats that you can’t see? What are they and how do you know that you’re prepared?

Know CO with First Alert | Momma Society

ABC: Always Be aware of Carbon Monoxide

If your house is on fire, you’re going to know. If it’s flooding, that will be pretty obvious too. But what if you have a carbon monoxide leak – will you know you have a problem before it’s too late?

Unlike some other gasses, carbon monoxide (or CO) is odorless and virtually invisible, earning it the all too scary nickname, “the silent killer”. CO can be produced by any fuel-burning. Big yikes, right? The good news is that it’s easy to protect yourself and your family. All it takes is a handy CO alarm and luckily First Alert has you covered for the next 10 years!

first alert CO alarm

No CO in here!

When I started poking around for a new carbon monoxide alarm, I figured I would find the same old install it on the ceiling model I’ve seen before. I wasn’t crazy about the concept – screw it into the ceiling, have to remember to change the batteries, and actually buy more batteries. But when I found the First Alert CO alarm, I was excited to find that not only was there no installation required, but also that their sealed battery CO alarm will last for ten years. Brody will be starting HIGH SCHOOL by the time this thing kicks the bucket.

Carbon Monoxide Safety with First Alert | Momma Society

And better than that, there is absolutely no installation required. The First Alert CO alarm is designed to be placed on a table or counter top and has a backlit display that shows both the current temperature and peak levels of CO, if and when they are detected. Additionally, the First Alert alarm will remind you when the ten years have passed and it’s time to replace your model. I love that there’s one less thing for me to remember.

And like I said, no install is required. Simply place the alarm on your table or mantel and you, your family, and your home is protected.

10 Year Protection with First Alert | Momma Society

🎶I see it, I like it, I want it to protect my family, I got it 🎶

So the next time you’re out grabbing diapers or yet another homeroom folder (this time it won’t get lost, I just know it!) make sure you take a detour to the home section and snag one of these First Alert CO alarms for yourself. You can find them in-store or online at Walmart, Target, Amazon, or local home + garden retailers.

First Alert offers a wide range of CO alarm products and there’s one to address the safety needs of every family. If you want to shop around a little more or compare models, hop on over to First Alert’s website for even more specs, reviews, and offers.