17 Coolest Baby Products You Need to Check Out in 2017

One of my favorite weeks of the year is the week of the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas. From the biggest baby brands in the world to mom and pop start-ups, this event gathers shop owners, buyers, and media as brands display their newest collections for 2017. For a baby and birth junkie like myself, it is the Super Bowl of baby events.

Last year was our inaugural year attending (you can read the recap here), and this year was equally exciting. A few trends from 2016 seem to be continuing into 2017. Metallics, technology, and monochromatic pieces were everywhere. Three trends I am 110% on board with. I am always searching for products with great design, a modern twist, and practical applications. Below are 17 pieces that caught my eye this year.

17 Coolest Baby Products You Need To Check Out In 2017 | Momma Society-The Community of Modern Moms

Lansinoh SmartPump Bluetooth Breast Pump

Speaking of technology, Lansinoh just released a new SmartPump Breast Pump. I am already a big fan of their breast pumps (it’s on my list of things I wouldn’t have survived my first year of motherhood without), but with the addition of the Bluetooth technology, I am really impressed. The new SmartPump connects to an iphone app and tracks how long you’ve been pumping. It also allows you to manually keep tabs on which side you have been pumping and how many ounces you have pumped. There are apps that do this now, but the integration into the actual pump can help simplify life as a new mom. On shelves now.

17 Coolest Baby Products You Need to Check Out in 2017 | 4moms Moxi Stroller | Baby Gear from ABC Kids Expo

4moms Moxi Stroller

It is no secret that I love test driving strollers. I am the crazy lady that sits on park benches while Brody plays and keeps an eye out for cool strollers and stroller features as moms use them. This is something I probably shouldn’t be admitting.

There are so many variations in strollers these days that they often start looking similar. But this year, the new 4moms Moxi stroller is taking things to the next level by incorporating awesome tech features, most notably—headlights! I am now a firm believe that headlights should be mandatory on all strollers. Other tech features include a built-in mileage tracker and a phone charger! This stroller is full of innovation. Available this Fall/Winter.

17 Coolest Baby Products You Need to Check Out in 2017 | Babyletto Lolly Crib | Baby Gear from ABC Kids Expo

Babyletto Lolly Crib

You know those brands that your style just jives perfectly with? Babyletto is one of mine. We have the Babyletto Hudson Crib in Brody’s room and love it, so it should come as no surprise that their newest crib, Lolly, is also on my radar. The matte black frame of the Lolly 3-in-one left me drooling. It also looks amazing in white.

Doddle & Co. Pop Pacifier

17 Coolest Baby Products You Need to Check Out in 2017 | doddlepop pacifier | Baby Gear from ABC Kids Expo

One of the most innovative products I came across was the Doddle & Co Pop Pacifier. This silicone molded pacifier has a built-in protective bubble that pops out when the pacifier falls out of your little one’s mouth. This keeps the pacifier from picking up grime, dirt and germs when it falls on the floors. #genius I love the modern design and the bright colors that comes in. It is expected to hit shelves in early 2017.

17 Coolest Baby Products You Need to Check Out in 2017 | Gathre Mats | Baby Gear from ABC Kids Expo

Gathre Mats

There are some items that just draw me in because they are beautifully designed and Gather Mats are one of them. These perfectly hued, waterproof mats can be used indoors or out and simply wiped clean. These would make the perfect catchall under Brody’s high chair or the perfect companion for our monthly picnics. Plus, they come in just about every one of my favorite colors.

Hatch Baby Grow Diaper Changing Pad

17 Coolest Baby Products You Need to Check Out in 2017 | Hatch Grow Changing Pad | Baby Gear from ABC Kids Expo

You have probably heard the name HatchBaby pop up sometime over the past year.  Whether you saw them on Shark Tank or somewhere on social media, their innovative Smart Changing Pads track your baby’s weight. In 2017, Hatch Baby is launching an updated changing pad called Hatch Baby Grow. It is so cool, it almost has me wanting to have another baby. It has a sleek design (similar to the Keekaroo Peanut where you can just wipe it clean) and will be priced at nearly half of the price of the original!

17 Coolest Baby Products You Need to Check Out in 2017 | Ju-Ju-Be Mini Diaper Bag | Baby Gear from ABC Kids Expo

Ju-Ju-Be Helix

The dad diaper bag market has been emerging over the past year. Ju-Ju-Be is jumping on board with the release of their unisex Helix Bag and it is awesome. The Onyx  colorway has a menswear vibe.  The interior is lined in a red pinstriped fabric and reminds me of a men’s tie. It also has two tech pockets. I love that it can be used by mom or dad and is very versatile. If you see my husband and Brody out and about, he will probably be sporting this. PS: Also drooling over the Ju-Ju-Be mini diaper bags so your toddler can match momma. Heart eyes, ya’ll! 

17 Coolest Baby Products You Need to Check Out in 2017 | Ju-Ju-Be Helix | Baby Gear from ABC Kids Expo
17 Coolest Baby Products You Need to Check Out in 2017 | Skip-Hop Tuo | Baby Gear from ABC Kids Expo

Skip-Hop Tuo

Remember my high chair guide? Well, the new Skip-Hop Tuo is joining my list of favorites! This convertible high chair is designed beautifully and transitions into a well-designed kids chair after you are finished with the highchair phase. I love the midcentury flare to the legs and the oval shape. Totally my style.


I am not exaggerating when I say I was amazed by the technology at ABC this year. Brands, both new and old, are embracing technology to help make life easier and simpler. Bloomlife is a new product that tracks and counts contractions. The sensor is placed on the mother’s stomach and can be worn for short or long periods of time. Unlike dopplers and ultrasounds, this device does not transmit any energy into the body. As a childbirth educator, I can see so many uses for this device, particularly in high-risk pregnancies or for mothers who experience prodromal labor.

17 Coolest Baby Products You Need to Check Out in 2017 | 4moms Self Installing Car Seat | Baby Gear from ABC Kids Expo

4moms Self-Installing Carseat

Ok mommas, how many times have you struggled to install your little one’s carseat and wondered if it was installed securely enough? 4moms is coming to our rescue! They have created a 4moms Self-Installing Carseat. Yes, it is as good as it sounds. Using prompts from the carseat, the seat base will tighten to be 2x’s stronger than the tension recommended by the NHTSA. It has over 20 sensors that constantly monitor the carseat to make sure it is at the right level and tension. It also combines with a powerful phone app that warns you if the infant carrier is clicked into the base and your phone is far away from the infant carrier. This could help save lives of little ones who are mistakenly left in the car. This was the product that my husband was most impressed with at ABC this year—he’s a techy.

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Lorena Canals

Lorena Canals machine washable rugs are perfect for any space your little ones are near (we have ours in our home office). Their newest collection caught my eye from across the room at the New Product Showcase. With black and white prints and a bit of a bohemian vibe, they left me contemplating where I could squeeze another rug in my house. The round ABC rug, the cactus print, and the tasseled Bereber Beige (which reminds me of our babymoon in Morocco) were three of my favs.

17 Coolest Baby Products You Need to Check Out in 2017 | Lulujo Baby's First Year Set | Baby Gear from ABC Kids Expo

Lulujo Baby's First Year Sets

You know how fun it is to take monthly pictures of your little one as they grow? Lulujo is making is easier than ever with their Baby’s First Year Sets. The sets pair their cute swaddle blankets with monthly cards. It is the perfect little gift for a momma-to-be.

17 Coolest Baby Products You Need to Check Out in 2017 | NurseryWorks Rocker | Baby Gear from ABC Kids Expo

Nurseryworks Compass Rocker

It should come as no surprise that Nurseryworks is a brand loved by celebrities and design aficionados. Their designs are practical, versatile and fit seamlessly into the décor of any stylish abode. Their new Compass Rocker mixes style and comfort perfectly. The rose gold base is what ultimately landed this on my top 15 list. Brody mega approved of its rockability as well. Coming out soon.

17 Coolest Baby Products You Need to Check Out in 2017 | Itzy Ritzy Diaper Bag | Baby Gear from ABC Kids Expo

Itzy Ritzy Diaper bag

Itzy Ritzy is known for their trendy gear for both mom and baby. One of their newest product lines is diaper bags. There are so many chic details on their bags. The tweed, brown, and black mixed material combination caught my eye. It is one of those color combos that will go with any look. Rumor is, there is a backpack version releasing in this colorway as well! Hitting shelves in 2017.

17 Coolest Baby Products You Need to Check Out in 2017 | Innobaby Bath Scrub | Baby Gear from ABC Kids Expo

Innobaby Bath Scrub

One of my favorite pieces of bathtime gear we came across was the new Innobaby Bath Scrub. The soft, silicone bristled scrubber can be used in place of a washcloth and also makes a fun, textured bath toy. Brody did not want to set it down. These will be coming out in 2017 and you bet I’ll be buying one.

17 Coolest Baby Products You Need to Check Out in 2017 | Lolaland Play Mat | Baby Gear from ABC Kids Expo

Lollaland Play Mat

Another cool mat we saw at ABC was the Lollaland Play Mat. It is basically a giant, squishy yoga mat that is the perfect base for your little one’s play spaces. I love the anti-slip quality to it—especially for those just learning to walk. I have never been a big fan of the foam play mat tiles, so this is the perfect alternative.

17 Coolest Baby Products You Need to Check Out in 2017 | B.Box Bowl | Baby Gear from ABC Kids Expo

B.Box Bowl and Straw

When it comes to mealtime, the B.Box Bowl and Straw two-in-one caught my eye. It has built in handles, a straw, and a lid. I can not even tell you how many times I’ve cleaned up spilled milk in the morning from Brody trying to drink the milk from his cereal. This bowl is well designed and a product that would make life easier for both momma and baby.

17 Coolest Baby Products You Need to Check Out in 2017 | ZoLi Bot Cups | Baby Gear from ABC Kids Expo

Zoli Cup

One of my very favorite baby cups is coming out with an updated design in 2017! The ZoLi Bot is getting a makeover. The new cup will have a valve that prevents any dripping from the straw. The shape is a little more modern and a handful of new colors are being released. I am super excited about the white one! Black and white everything, please and thank you. 

Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine

We currently use a Dohm Sound Machine in Brody’s room and we love it. But after seeing the Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine at ABC Expo, I have a feeling we will be making the switch. The Hatch sound machine/night light combo allows you to control nearly all of its features from an app on your cell phone. You can turn it on and off remotely, change the color of the light and set timers. When we transition Brody to a toddler bed, I love the possibility of having the night light turn a certain color at 7am and being able to teach Brody that he needs to stay in his room until the light changes to that color. Expect this to hit shelves early next year.

17 Coolest Baby Products You Need to Check Out in 2017 | DockATot Cloudtot | Baby Gear from ABC Kids Expo


One item will be at the top of my wishlist when we have another baby will be a DockAtot. The portable infant lounger is taking things a step further in 2017 by introducing CloudTot technology. The new loungers will be able to track your little ones breathing, movement, wetness and more! 

What products on this round-up caught your attention? 

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