How to BOO Your Neighbors

Halloween is right around the corner which means it’s time for one of my favorite October traditions -- Boo’ing your neighbors! There’s no ghoul big or small that doesn’t delight from a surprise boo that’s wrapped up with a bow.

How to Boo Your Neighbors | Momma Society

If you’ve just moved or maybe you’ve had trouble meeting people in your area, Boo’ing them is a great way to break the ice. You can also BOO new coworkers, other moms that you’d like to befriend, or friends near and far. I like to think of it as creeping by to say hi!

Boog Bags | Momma Society

Boo’ing is a big tradition in our neighborhood - nearly every house gets Boo’d from the widow next door to the teenage kids up the street. Of course the little kids give and receive boo bags like crazy. If you have a long list of loved ones to boo, don’t stress thinking these need to be over the top or expensive! I let Brody and Isla make smaller boo bags that just included glitter sparkle dough to hand out to everyone in the neighborhood and then he picked one house to give our bigger boo basket too.

What's In Our Boo Bag | Momma Society

This year we decided to put together a baking themed boo basket. It include cupcake liners, small spatulas, sprinkles, cupcake mix, and a few treats and toys. In order to stay on budget, I usually buy items that come in packs and raid the dollar store for fun finds. This year our basket favorites are:

  • Fun glasses from the dollar store

  • Candy from the dollar store

  • Window clings from the Target dollar section

  • Baking accessories from Hobby Lobby

  • Halloween temporary tattoos from

  • An inexpensive basket or bag

This year, I bought an inexpensive plastic jack-o-lantern bucket from the dollar section at target and painted it with two coats of pink acrylic paint to make them pink. 

Jack-O-Lantern Pink Boo Bucket | Momma Society

My friend Chelsey of Bright Bold Design has an older boo crew this year and put together another amazing boo baskets that I’m so excited to share with you. She stuck to the same concept but got rid of the toys and treats geared toward younger kids. Chelsey’s basket included:

  • Cheddar popcorn

  • Halloween napkins

  • Sour candy

  • Sparkly cups

  • Fun Halloween props

  • A ghostly plate

  • A cute wooden crate

  • Witch party hats

Boo Bags for Older Kids and Friends | Momma Society

To get you started on your own boo bags, I created this fun boo bag printable that you can use! It explains what it means to be boo’d and has instructions on how to keep the ball rolling. I hope you have as much fun booing your friends and family as we do! Make sure to tag me in your boo bag posts on social media so I can see all of your tricks and treats!