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A Floral Brunch to Celebrate Our Sweet Baby Girl

Celebrating sweet babies. Is there anything better!? I debated for months whether or not I wanted to have a celebration for our little one on the way. After a big, beautiful shower for Brody and 2+ years of parenting, I felt like we had nearly everything we could possibly need for baby #2.

But a baby celebration is so much more than the registry and the gifts, it is a time to get excited for baby. It is a time to gather with dear friends and family before life gets hectic. It is a time to celebrate the miracle of life. Our celebration was just that. The perfect morning with those I love dearly, those who have made this motherhood gig so rewarding.

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3 Ways We Are Prepping For Baby #2’s Arrival

The weeks of this pregnancy are flying by. With the third trimester’s arrival, we are starting to get into baby mode around here. From the car seat, to the nursery, to prepping big brother for his new role, we are getting excited for baby #2’s arrival!

Today I thought it would be fun to share how our baby prepping has been coming along. It sure has been different this time around.

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