A Working Mom's Advice on How to Stay Connected With Your Baby While on a Business Trip

When I became a mom one of my biggest worries was managing mom life and work life. I work as a meeting planner for several non-profit membership organizations and I love my job -- especially the travel. I have one international client so I get to travel to Europe at least once a year! I took my first international trip when Aiden was three months old. He is three now and I have done more than 30 trips. Although leaving my little guy is always hard, we have created a communication plan to keep us connected during the longest of business trips.


Tips for Staying Connected With Your Family While on a Business Trip

Prepare in Advance

A week or two before a trip I like to start talking about the the fact that I am leaving and what his schedule will be like when I am gone (ie; sometimes he will stay over his grandmother’s house because my husband also works full time). Now that Aiden is older this is even more important. When we explain things that are going to happen it prepares our little guy that even thought mommy is going away for a little bit I will be back!

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Schedule your Talking Time

I have found we are more likely to actually talk if we have a dedicated time to connect. Sometimes I get busy at work or something is going on at home and we might not “find” a great time to talk and the next thing you know it’s bedtime! Obviously, during a business trip there has to be flexibility on both sides, but scheduling before the trip increases the chances that we connect everyday.

Take Advantage of Video Calling

Video calling is the best thing ever and there are so many options. From Messenger to Skype to Facetime video calling is so much better than regular phone and it always makes me feel better to physically see my little guy when I am not around.

Keep Your Routine

When I am not on a business trip I am home during bedtime and we have a solid bedtime routine with our toddler (dinner, bath, book, bed). One of my favorite ways to incorporate most of these tips (scheduling and video calling) is to have my husband include me in the bedtime routine. Whenever I travel I try to find a book about the destination I am visiting. After the little guy’s dinner and bath I have my husband video call me so I can read the book to him. I love this because I get to share a little bit of my travel with him while he learns about new destinations. Plus, we are building quite the international library.

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Utilize Social Media

My husband is great about keeping Instagram stories updated during the time I am gone. If I am ever missing my little guy I can check in and see what fun adventures he is up to that day (because Dad always does fun adventures when I am gone!) This also helps when I am talking to him because I can refer back to whatever I saw on Instagram earlier in the day.

I don’t think it will ever be easy to leave for business trips and as Aiden grows and is more involved in school and activities I am sure it will only get more difficult. However, technology and scheduling allows me to continue to do the job I love while staying connected with my family.

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4 Ways to Stay Connected

One | Pinhole Press Book | You all know I have a love of these sweet custom board books. Make one of you and your baby doing fun things together so that they can flip through it while you're gone. You can also make one for youself to help you on those long work days when you are missing your sweet baby's face.

Two | Custom Name Necklace | This one is for you momma. Give it a little rub as a gentle reminder of why you are where you are and why you do what you do. This cute necklace has a spot for a name and birth stone and is only $10!

Three | Custom Stuffed Animal | Add your voice with a sweet message for your baby to hear when they are missing you. This is the perfect cuddle buddy to stand in for your while you're gone.

Four | Custom Story Book | Write a custom story book using names familiar to your little one and have their caregiver incorporate it into the bedtime routine while you are away.


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