Currently Planning: Robot Birthday Party

It is no secret that I love celebrations. From holidays to birthday parties and everything in between, I truly enjoy it all. However, I must admit, throwing a robot birthday party is something I never expected to be doing. But when you take your 3 year old to a robot show in Tokyo and he walks out of the show in awe of robots, still almost a year later talking about them, robot party it is!

Unlike planning Brody’s jungle party at the Phoenix Zoo last year, there was not a lot of inspiration for robot parties on Pinterest. I started chatting with Belena, the party planning creative genius behind the party shop Geese & Ganders, to get her thoughts on how we could pull off a modern robot party. She’s helped me pull together Isla’s peach party and Brody’s zoo party last year and I had a feeling she would have some great ideas for a modern robot party. And boy did she!

She quickly sent over this mood board as inspiration and the whole robot party theme started to come full circle. Lots of silver, black and white. Layered prints and patterns. A cool modern robot party.

Robot Party | Robot Birthday Party Ideas

Striped Plate / Striped Cups / Silver Triangle Banner / Grid Napkins / Speckled Plates / Party Crowns / Iridescent Napkins / Polka Dot Napkins / Hooray Cake Topper / Paper Baking Cups / Iridescent Mini Plates / Grid Napkins / Black Triangle Banner

Robot Party Decorations

I’ve wanted to attempt a balloon garland for years. I think this is finally the party I am going to make it happen. I’ve ordered balloons in all shades and sizes of grey and silver. I’ve read a million tutorials and I can’t wait to try to create one. Stay tuned.

To stay on theme, I am going to use paper fans in grey and black to decorate. They remind me of gears, which is perfect for a robot party. I love the look of the paper fans layered with different sized banners, so I am planning on weaving in this circle banner and this triangular banner in the mix. I might top it off with this fun iridescent banner if I can think of a catchy robot phrase. 

Robot Party | Robot Birthday Party

To pull in more literal robot decorations, I bought 3 black foam boards and drew a robot outline with a white chalk marker on them. It was super simple to do. They’ve been adorning our living room for a few weeks and Brody thinks they’re the coolest thing ever.

Paper Goods

Layer, layer, layer is my mantra with paper goods for parties. Different sizes, different colors, different prints, different shapes—the more variety, the more fun.

For Brody’s party we’re doing big iridescent striped plates for the base, layered with a fun black and white speckled plate, and the cutest tiny little iridescent plates (perfect size for cupcakes) on top. I love the combo so much!

I’m still playing around with napkins, but these grid guest towels and these iridescent dipped napkins are the top contenders so far.

Robot Party | Robot Birthday Party


We decided to have Brody’s party at a gymnastics gym so we wouldn’t have to make plans for entertaining toddlers. So we will probably keep the food simple---cake, cupcakes, lemonade and maybe a few snacks. I have a feeling the kids will be more into running around in the gym than eating.

Robot Party | Robot Birthday Party

Party Favors

There was a question in the Momma Society Facebook Group recently about party favors. Do you really need them? Honestly, no. If a party doesn’t have a party favor, I don’t think I’ve ever heard Brody notice. They’re too busy having fun. 

That being said, I LOVE putting party favors together. It’s some nerdy challenge for me to think of a party favor that fits the theme. Brody is so excited about the ones we’re putting together for his robot party. I found these white ceramic paintable robot piggy banks. We’re going to throw some paints and a paintbrush in a cellophane bag with them and use them as the party favors.

Robot Party | Robot Birthday Party


I took the easy route this year! Evites for the win. You guys know I love Minted. Here’s a secret, they have a whole section of free online invitations. They even had a robot one! Since invitations and papers seem to get lost in backpacks, we figured an evite would be an easier route for 3 year olds this year. I also love that it helps you keep track of how many people will be coming. It makes planning for food and supplies so much easier.

It has been a lot of fun having a kid who is old enough to have an opinion on his birthday celebration this year. He’s loved picking party supplies, helping me wrap up the party favors, and talk about all things robot. Each time we celebrate our kiddos, it’s a beautiful reminder for me of how lucky we are to have such wonderful friends and family to celebrate with—especially this past year, being the new kids in town.

Stay tuned for a full party recap in a few weeks :)

PS: Sweet Belena from Geese and Ganders is giving one Momma Society mom a $100 credit to her party shop so you can throw your own celebration! Head over to instagram to enter.