My Favorite Outdoor Toys for Summer

Summer is here which means tons of time out of the house for us! Living in Arizona the sun could be pretty intense, so it’s been a nice change of pace to be able to spend all day outside. I’ve been out of commission with horrible nausea and fatigue for just about all of my first trimester, so having outdoor toys that can occupy both kids has been a lifesaver.

Isla can (nearly) keep up with Brody these days and I love watching them play together — plus it keeps me off my feet. The thing I love most about these toys is that aside from some minor set-up and supervision from me or JD, the kids can play independently! It’s a great opportunity — especially for Isla — to practice motor skills and socializing.

My Favorite Outdoor Toys for Summer | Momma Society

If this pout is about anything, it’s because I was trying to get her out of the swing. Girlfriend cannot get enough time in this thing and I’m not surprised — it was a favorite for Brody, too. Unless I’m shopping for an arts + crafts item like paint or paper plates, I try to make sure that our outdoor toys are not only durable enough for a summer of non-stop use, but also that they’re strong enough to be passed down. When I can, I invest in real wood and hard, structured plastic that is designed to withstand the test of time (and toddlers).

Now that we have baby #3 on the way, I’m savoring our last summer as a family of four. There’s really something special about playing outside, wearing a swimsuit for five days straight, catching lightening bugs, and eating popsicles. Summer can be pretty dreamy — and sweaty. So whether you’re trying to beat the heat, cruise through town, or involve the whole neighborhood, there’s something great for kiddos of all ages and interests on this list!

Our Favorite Outdoor Toys | Momma Society

One | Crayola Neon Sidewalk Paint | Move over chalk, there's a new sidewalk champion in town! The pack includes three fun, bright colors, a paintbrush, and is non-toxic.

Two | Coconut Float Inflatable Swan Pool | I LOVE this pool. We brought it with us to the beach last summer and it was a perfect spot for Isla to play away from the sand.

Three | Macrame Baby Swing | We've had this swing since Brody was a baby and it's truly a family favorite. It's suitable for outdoor and indoor use, but I try to take it down when the weather is bad to keep it clean.

Four | Kids Fire Hydrant Sprinkler | Who needs a water park when you have a hose and this fire hypdrant sprinkler attachment? Simply secure it to the end of your hose and you're ready to rock.

Five | 12V Ride on Car with Remote Control | Beep, beep! Who's that cutie driving by? Oh, it's your kiddo who is suddnely the talk of the block cruising by in this bad boy. JD and I will load the kids up in this cruiser and trail behind for our nightly walks.

Six | Radio Flyer Lean 'N Glide Scooter | I love that this scooter has two wheels up front to assist with balance and it can be adjusted depending on how tall your little one is.

Seven | Pewi Y-Bike | The Y-Bike is really two toys in one. It can either be ridden like a push bike or turned the other way to help new walkers fnid their footing.

Eight | Little Tikes Cozy Coupe | I love this thing, it's such a classic. It fits two kiddos easily and I like that the top provides a little shade for sunny days.

Nine | Little Tikes Cozy Pumper | Actual gas stop: annoying but necessary. Pretend fueling at the Cozy Pumper: way more fun!

Ten | Capture the Flag REDUX No sun? No problem. I love this take on the classic capture the flag and it's a great way to keep the whole neighborhood entertained! Starlux also has a Starlight Swimming Games set that make night swims all the more fun.

Eleven | Little Tikes Spiralin' Seas Waterpark Play Table | This water table is perfect for tots and older kids alike and is a great way to introduce water games to your little one.

Twelve | Kinderfeets Balance Bike | If I had a dollar for every time I saw Brody zoom by me on this bike, I'd have starbucks money for years! This bike is a great tool for new riders to work on their balance and coordination without the bulk of training wheels or pedals.

Thirteen | Go Triple Slider Water Slide | I already know what you're going to ask and yes, mom + dad can slide on this too! We love rolling this thing out for the kids, just make sure that it's completely dry before folding back up for storage!

What are your plans for the summer? Best tips + tricks for keeping the kiddos entertained? Share them with us in the private Momma Society Facebook Group or on Instagram!

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