Surprise! We're having a baby!

It's true! We're having a baby! Cue the happy dance. The panic. The excitement. And the sudden rush to organize #allthethings in life.

You may have noticed it’s been a little silent on Momma Society as of late and now you know why! I’ve been tracking this first trimester with random notes on my phone, and I can't wait to share the first 10 weeks with you.

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Pregnancy Week 5

Clock work. That’s what my period has been like for the past 6 months since weaning Isla. Last week I thought surely it was going to begin. My calendar had said so and it had been insanely accurate each of the previous months. I had all of the signs and symptoms I have right before it starts. Then Monday passed and nothing. Then Tuesday. Nothing. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, the same. 

Saturday came and I found myself up at 4am freaking out. What if it wasn’t just late? I nonchalantly mentioned it to JD in the morning in passing. It’s so weird, I say. We both went on with our day thinking nothing more of it. 

On Palm Sunday I woke up and still no aunt flow. As we were getting ready for church I mentioned to JD we should just stop by the dollar store on the way home and grab a cheapie pregnancy test so I can put my mind to rest. 

We go to church and on our way home I run into the Dollar Tree. Last minute mom over here, stocking up on Easter eggs and party plates on Easter day. I walk through the store trying to find pregnancy tests. No luck. I decide “eh, no biggie we’ll just see what happens this week.” As I’m checking out I notice the pregnancy tests behind the register and I ask for 3. If nothing else, they’ll make some good photo props for some content I’m working on for Momma Society, I think to myself. 

We make one more stop at the grocery store and then head home. As I’m unpacking all of the bags I run upstairs to take the pregnancy test. I keep thinking surely it will be negative and I’ll go about my day. I put three little drops of pee in it and watch as two lines immediately appear.

Oh. My. God.

Surprise! We're Pregnant | Momma Society

We’re pregnant. I walk down stairs and mouth to JD “baby” and point at my stomach. “I don’t believe it” he whispers trying not to bring about suspicions from Brody. I show him a picture of the pregnancy test on my phone. He zooms in. We both stare at each-other with our jaws nearly hitting the floor.

“I bet it’s going to be a girl,” JD whispers as we lay in bed that night still in shock. Nah, I’m already feeling boy.

We stopped keeping a list of baby names after Isla’s birth. It wasn’t until too long ago that we finally found our groove as a family of 4. Sleep filled nights have finally returned for the whole house. The topic of a baby #3 comes up in conversations with friends and strangers on what seems like a weekly basis, but JD and I always agree on maybe one day. There's no such thing as a perfect time for a baby, as much as the planner in me wants to think there is. Always a trip or event or project coming up. Sometimes, letting life surprise you is one of the biggest joys.

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 2am: Going on 4 hours straight of intense nausea. In and out of the bathroom. Unable to sleep. Trash can right beside me with no relief in sight. I need sleep badly, but the minute I doze I awake dry heaving.

 Yesterday I swore to myself I would savor this pregnancy. Today, I’m looking at a calendar counting down the days until this phase will hopefully pass.

 Pregnancy Week 6

First order of business—find a doula. JD and I agreed after Isla’s birth we would never have a baby without a doula again. I meet her for coffee and pick her brain for an hour on the different midwives, OBs, and birth options in Greenville.

Pregnancy week 7

Life with toddlers means that 95% of the time I forget I am pregnant. 2.5% of the time I still don’t believe it and the other 2.5% of the time I’m freaking out about how I can possibly handle 3 kiddos.

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Wake up nauseous with zero appetite. Force a pita chip down my throat. 2 hours later craving Thai food intensly.

Pregnancy Week 8

We surprised Brody with the news today. He was shocked and silent. But by the end of the night he was asking us for more babies. “Mom can we get another baby after this one?” “Idk Brody, that’s a lot of work!” “No you just love dad then you get a baby.” 

Things that have made me cry uncontrollably this week: the Kentucky Derby, YouTube travel channels, pretty much anything and everything. Oh hormones, please be kind to me.

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The flickering heartbeat on my first ultrasound today was the most glorious sight. I’ve watched the video of it at least a dozen times. I breathe a sigh of relief. There’s something nerve wracking about those first weeks before seeing and hearing the heartbeat.

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Pregnancy Week 9

Still in the throes of constant nausea and now I’ve added that dreaded first trimester exhaustion to the mix. My daily naps make me feel like I’m hibernating. Pretty severe nausea when bedtime rolls around, which leaves me with no energy to leave the house during the day. My inbox and messages are out of control, because I have absolutely no energy to reply. Can’t tell you the last time I put on makeup—maybe Easter? There has been so much screen time for the kiddos that they are actually bored of watching tv.

I can do this. I take the kids out to lunch at a sit down restaurant solo. Some strange part of me is trying to prove to myself that I’ve got my handle on this mom of two thing in anticipation of becoming a mom of three.

So there you have it! My honest thoughts and feelings from my first few weeks of pregnancy #3. Starting to feel excited about this new little life inside of me! 

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