My Thoughts On Moving & New Chapters in Life

Bittersweet. I cannot think of a more fitting word for this chapter of our lives coming to a close. The tears of excitement. The tears of sadness. The anticipation of new hellos and the anticipation of those dreaded good-byes. I’m feeling all the feels.

Family Home Lifestyle Photos
Family Home Lifestyle Photos Toddler

This chapter in Arizona will arguably be the best of our lives. What can top marrying my high school sweetheart, our first home, welcoming two perfect babies into the world and connecting with the most incredible people. 

Family Home Lifestyle Photos Fatherhood

It feels cliche to list out all of the things I will miss about Arizona, but how could I not finish this chapter without all of the gratitude in the world for the joy the desert has brought us.

Family Home Lifestyle Photos

I’ll miss our home. Over 8 years in these 4 walls and a lifetime of memories. We moved in when we were young, wild and free. Broke college students taking advantage of the housing market crash. Buying a house in the boonies. Little did we know the life we would make in this house. This house that became home. The kitchen where we got engaged. The guest bedrooms that became nurseries. The storage closet that became a playroom for the happiest little toddler. The driveway picnics and nightly strolls through the neighborhood. Life has been so good to us here.

Family Home Lifestyle Photos Bedroom

I’ll miss our favorite food joints. Driving through Bahama Bucks for snow cones on hot summer days. Eating pizza under the twinkly lights at Queen Creek Olive Mill. Oregano’s margaritas. Picking peaches at Schnepf Farms.  Hanging out at Joe’s BBQ. My favorite cupcakes in the world at The Coffee Shop. Pizza date nights at Bella Gusto. Sushi bento boxes from Sushi Ave. Panang curry from Ta Lew. The list goes on and on.

Family Home Lifestyle Photos Moving Announcement First Home
Family Home Lifestyle Photos

I’ll miss the wide open views. The red mountains surrounding us. Those freaking beautiful desert sunsets. The haboobs rolling in come summer. The awe of driving past a dust devil. Tumbleweeds rolling by you on the street. That feeling of stepping outside in 115 degrees. And those mighty cactuses covered in blooms come Spring.

Family Home Lifestyle Photos Parenthood

I’ll miss the familiar faces. In the parking lots. Strolling through the grocery store. Bumping into old friends and classmates all over town. The familiar check-out people at sprouts and target. The mailman. 

Family Home Lifestyle Photos Spouse Parents

I’ll miss Arizona winters. Oh those winters. Where a light sweater is all you need. The air is crisp, but the sun is shining. 

Family Home Lifestyle Photos Moving Announcement First Home

But most of all, I’ll miss the people here. The loving friends who have been with me every step of motherhood. The friends who I can roll out of bed and could care less that my hair has been in the same mom bun for a week. The friends who are so positive and encouraging and supportive and open minded. Who brought me meals for weeks after Isla was born. Who i can text at all hours of the night. Who are a key reason this motherhood gig is so enjoyable.

Then there are the friends from high school. The friends I’ve known for nearly 15 years. Who know everything about JD and I. Who are more like family than friends. Who I love dearly.

Family Home Lifestyle Photos

Then there’s our nightly Bootcamp crew that we’ve spent our evenings with for 6 years. Who treat our kids like royalty. Who make working out a fun experience for our whole family. Who makes us laugh and help us feel a little less guilty about indulging in the Arizona food scene.

And our family. Our incredible family we will be leaving behind. Brody’s aunts and uncles he adores. His grandma who he thinks the world of. The random get togethers. The sleepovers. The holidays and birthday celebrations. This will be tough.

Family Home Lifestyle Photos Moving Announcement First Home

But we are ready for an adventure. We’ve wanted this adventure for years. We’ve dreamed about it. Spent entire road trips chatting about what life would be like on the east coast. Spent late nights in bed imagining our kids running in a grassy backyard. Enjoying the seasons. A chance to see new faces, new weekend trips, eat new foods, start our own family traditions, and see more of the world.

Family Home Lifestyle Dancing Mom and Baby

We love Arizona to our core. It will forever hold a huge chunk of our hearts. This is home.

But it’s in the uncomfortable that we grow. That we chase those big dreams. We get the courage to take those risks. That we work our asses off on our goals. That we start new traditions. That we connect with new people. 

Family Home Lifestyle Photos Moving Announcement First Home

Our new chapter is just days away. Our house is getting empty. The goodbyes are beginning. A chance for us to write new stories is on the horizon. I am excited. I am ready. I am grateful. See you soon, Greenville.

Ps: Thank-you to my dear friends, Dana & Teague, for spending a morning with us at our home capturing these special everyday moments--from the toddler tantrums to building blocks in the living room--we will treasure these pictures forever.

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