Big News! We're Moving to Greenville, South Carolina!

It is no secret that JD and I love a good adventure. Usually these adventures are in the form of passport stamps and wild travel tales. Come this Summer we will be packing up and embarking on one of our biggest adventures yet--a cross country move to South Carolina!

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Ever since our dating days, JD and I have been dreaming of moving somewhere new. Trying out a new city for a few years (forever?). Stepping outside of our comfort zone and taking in the experiences, culture, food, people and weekend trips that come along with a new destination. 

We are finally doing it. Life is too short to stay in our comfort zone.

You're probably wondering, why Greenville?

There are a handful of reasons Greenville earned its mark at the top of our list. We wanted a city with charm. Somewhere that was closer to the east coast beaches we love so dearly. A city that was big, but not too big. Somewhere that had a lot going on, but was still family oriented. Somewhere with a happening foodie scene and four seasons.

At the end of last year, my parents shared the news with us that they were going to be moving to South Carolina. Greenville had been on JD and I's list of potential cities to move to for a few years--I regularly stalked Zillow for cute houses for sale in the area and we daydreamed about what we thought our little family life would be like in Greenville.

I'm that weirdo that looks for signs from life and we kept getting them. Two declined offers on homes here in Phoenix last Fall had us pondering if the universe was trying to tell us something. The random South Carolina License plate Joe would see around town and send me a picture of. Then my parents announcing their move---we knew we needed to get our butts to check out Greenville. 

In January JD, Isla and I took a super quick weekend trip to Greenville and in our 48 hours exploring we fell in love. The quaint Main Street, the 20+ mile bike path that runs through the city, the adorable older neighborhoods oozing with charm, the gorgeous waterfall in the middle of the city, and the food--who could forget the food. On that short weekend escape, we knew we wanted more of Greenville. We knew we wanted to call it home for this phase of our life. 

I don't know if we will be there for 2 years or for 20 years, but for whatever amount of time we are there, I know there will be memories we will cherish for a lifetime.

There are so many things I am scared of with this big change. Making friends, finding a new place to call home, saying good-bye to the most incredible friends and family--the list goes on and on. 

But I am trying hard to focus on the excitement of the move. Focusing on the fun weekend trips we will be able to take. The excitement of living in a city where SEC football is a big deal come Fall. Watching Brody chase fireflies in the Summer and catch snow flakes in the winter. Living in a city instead of the suburbs. Being closer to two of my college besties. Cutting down Christmas trees at a tree farm and picking pumpkins from pumpkin patches. There is much to look forward to.

Saying goodbye to Arizona is going to break my heart--that I am certain. JD has lived here nearly his entire life and this is where I have called home for 17 years! We're Arizonans. It is familiar here. It is home. From our high school friends to the amazing momma tribe I found here to JDs co-workers and our extended family--we will be leaving a large part of our heart here, that is for sure. 

But this quote from author Jen Sincero struck us to the core as we rang in 2018:

"If there is something you want to do, don't wait until you're less busy or richer or "ready" or twenty pound lighter. Start right now. You'll never be this young again." 

We want to do this. We ARE doing this. South Carolina, get ready because we're coming for ya!