How to Keep Babies and Toddlers Cool in the Heat

After a week at the beach, beating the heat is at the top of my mind. It can feel like a the world's biggest challenge to keep your babies and toddlers cool during the hottest Summer days. I've rounded up a few of my favorite tips and tricks to combat those high summer temps. From little tricks to cool off after the car has been baking in a parking lot, to products that have been a game changer for hot days (like the Noogle ), below are a dozen of my favorite ways to beat the heat with a little one.

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12 Must-Haves to Keep Your Baby and Toddler Protected from The Sun | Momma Society-The Community of Modern Moms |

One: Babiators Sunglasses | Nordstrom $20 | Why I love them: Flexible rubber frames (safe for baby to chew on), shatter-proof lenses, and a guarantee that they will be replaced if they are lost or broken. This is what sunglass dreams are made of when it comes to baby and toddlers.

Two: LILLEBaby Airflow Carrier | Buy Buy Baby $125 | Why I love this: In the realm of structured carriers, I have fallen in love with our LILLEBaby Airflow over the past couple of years of use. When we were prepping for a hike through the five towns of Cinque Terre in Italy a few Summers ago, I knew the mesh exterior would be a game changer. It allows for air to flow through the carrier for both baby and parent and also has a hood that can be used as a sun cover.

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Three: Sunnylife Icypop Molds | Nordstrom Rack $12.97 | Why I love these: Popsicles are one of Brody's favorite snacks, but they melt fast and I end up holding the stick for him the whole time. The silicone exterior of these molds is perfect for little hands. Try freezing light colored fruits and juices to avoid mess. Coconut water blended with honeydew is a refreshing treat in the heat.

Four: Portable Sunshade | Buggygear $20 | Why I love this: We use a sunshade in the car window, but the sun still peeks through at certain angles. This portable sunshade can be maneuvered to fit any angle. It's perfect for the car or attaching to your stroller to keep the sun rays from your little one's eyes or skin.

Five: Baby Sunhat | Etsy $28 | Why I love this: This sun hat is about as cute as they come. With little bear ears and a classic shape, it's perfect for those trips to your favorite sunny spot. PS: How cute is the confetti print ?

Six: Clip on Fan | Amazon $12 | Why I love this: When we are strolling outside, Brody and Isla are usually rosy-cheeked and sweaty. This portable fan can clip onto a stroller for a little air flow. The fan blades are made out of a soft foam, so you don't have to worry about your little one hurting themselves if they touch it.

Seven: Instant Cooling Towels | Target $14.99 | Why I love these: When we lived in Arizona we would do an outdoor bootcamp every evening, even during the Summer when it's 110+ degrees. It was one of Brody's favorite parts of the day running around the park and hanging out with mom and dad. We kept a stash of these cooling towels on hand and they were amazing. We would wet them with the sizzling hot water from the drinking fountain at the park and they turned magically chill. I would just throw it around Brody's shoulders as he was running around to keep cool.

Eight: Noogle Air Conditioning Extension | Amazon $45 | Why I love this: A flexible extension that brings air from the vent to the back seat? Sign me up! I'll admit I was very skeptical on whether or not the Noogle would help, but after raving reviews from friends, we finally decided to buy one and give it a try. It was a game changer! Our car has vents in the back seat (behind the center console), but the air struggled to reach the kids in their rear-facing car seats. The Noogle has solved that problem. If you don't have one of these yet, I highly recommend it.

Nine: Baby Sunscreen | $20 | Why I love this: Sunscreen is one thing we can't leave the house without this time of year. I share some of my favorite sunscreens in this post!

Ten: Inflatable Pool | Amazon $10 | Why I love this: For those afternoons when the kids are begging at the door to go outside, the inflatable pool on our patio has been the perfect distraction. They cool off and have a blast splashing around and we get a little fresh air despite the soaring temps--a total win!

Eleven: UPF 50 Striped Blanket | Nordstrom $50 | Why I love this: This super soft blanket has built in sun protection! I can think of so many uses for a blanket like this. Falling asleep on the beach just became a whole lot safer.

Twelve: Cooling Carseat or Stoller Liner | Amazon $30 | Why I love this: The buckles on our carseat are so hot when we leave the car in a parking lot. This cooling mat can be placed in the carseat or stroller seat to cool it off. We haven't tried it out yet, but the reviews are great!

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