Back to School is a Breeze with HelloFresh

This post was brought to you in partnership with HelloFresh. HelloFresh provided us with a week of meals. Thank-you for supporting the sponsors that help keep Momma Society going. :)

Back to school means back to a routine, which includes eating dinner earlier than 7 o’clock. I am seriously a terrible cook, so finding recipes that I can make AND that JD and the kids will eat can be tricky. So, to help get us back on our nightly routine, I enlisted the help of HelloFresh!

HelloFresh Review Taste Test Easy Dinner

We’ve tried a few meal delivery services and honestly HelloFresh is my favorite (remember when I used HelloFresh when Isla was born?). Everything is designed to be prepared in 35 minutes or less, so I can easily have dinner on the table before bath time. Also, the recipes are super easy and come in pre-packaged, pre-measured amounts so there’s no wasted food. Plus, the menu is constantly changing so we’re always getting to try new things!

HelloFresh Review Taste Test Easy Dinner

The HelloFresh Unboxing

The HelloFresh box was waiting at our door when we got home today, which was a total score since our fridge is looking a little bare. The box itself is pretty light considering there’s three meals’ worth of food in there and the green packaging makes everything feel even fresher! There are three different plans you can choose from, and we went with the Family Plan. It provides four people with either two or three recipes per week. The portions are pretty generous so you can expect to have leftovers, which is a bonus for during the day when you don’t have time to make lunch, too!

HelloFresh Review Taste Test Easy Dinner

The HelloFresh Menu

Our menu for the week is super yummy and all of the recipes are so different so we have some great variety! Our box included:

·      Poblano Tacos

·      Grilled Cheddar Burgers

·      Herb Crusted Chicken Cutlets

Brody is obsessed with cooking and now that he’s a little older I love having him help me out in the kitchen. He might be a better cook than me! He was super excited about the tacos, so we started with those first.

HelloFresh Review Taste Test Easy Dinner

The Real Test – Cooking with HelloFresh!

Like I said, cooking is not my thing. It all feels sort of intimidating, so when I do cook, I usually stick to basic recipes. But with HelloFresh, that totally changes! Everything is pre-portioned, so the only tools you really need are knives, a cutting board, and maybe a mixing bowl. With the poblano tacos, we were able to chop everything up and throw it straight into the pan, so there were hardly any dishes. Isn’t that the greatest thing? Hardly any dishes? Mom win! Brody absolutely devoured these tacos – he ate two all by himself! The flavor was fantastic and the freshness really made a difference in the overall taste.

HelloFresh Review Taste Test Easy Dinner

The next recipe we tried was the herb crusted chicken cutlets with green beans and mashed sweet potatoes. Isla wasn’t really feeling the poblano pepper in the taco recipe, so I was excited to have another option that she would be all over!

HelloFresh Review Taste Test Easy Dinner

The Verdict

As usual, HelloFresh really came through with these recipes! Juggling my life and my kids’ lives can be a hectic so it’s really nice to not have to worry about going to the grocery store or spending a lot of time prepping a meal just to have it turn out terrible. I also love that almost all of the meal packaging is 100% recyclable so I don’t feel like I’m throwing a lot away. Overall, cooking with HelloFresh is a great experience and I’d highly recommend it to anyone that wants to take some of the stress out of cooking!

HelloFresh Review Taste Test Easy Dinner

Making School Nights Easier

Aside from cooking with HelloFresh, there are a few things that I like to do when Brody heads back to school that make the transition from summer to school easier for all of us!

1.    Shower the night before: This might sound simple, but taking a shower at night rather than in the morning gets me one step ahead!

2.    Set a strict bedtime: Brody and Isla are in bed by 7:00 pm every night and it has really made a difference. Not only does it get them used to a routine, but it also gives me and JD a couple of hours together alone at night.

3.    Set everything out the night before: Brody’s new school has a uniform but I still like to set it out at night to make sure I have a clean one on hand! I’ll also group his backpack and lunchbox together downstairs so they’re easy to find. This saves us from scrambling for everything in the morning when we’re more likely to be in a rush.

If you’re trying HelloFresh, comment below and let me know what your favorite recipes are! Remember to use my code, MOMMASOCIETY60 for $20 off your first three boxes!