The Best Bump Friendly Styles for Halloween

There's something extra fun about incorporating Halloween into your bump style. There are tons of cute puns about little pumpkins and zombies and it makes you feel giddy thinking about the next Halloween when your little one will finally be here to celebrate with you. So, cut to my surprised face when I could only find a total of about ten - yes, TEN - costumes that were labeled maternity. Between the slew of fake blood and racy skirts it felt like your only option as a mom-to-be on Halloween is just grab a sheet from the Goodwill and go as a ghost.

So, I wanted to put together a list of items that are bump friendly (which means you can wear it next year when you're not pregnant - score!) and are super cute. Plus, most of these items are totally daytime/work appropriate so you can rock your festive looks all October long!

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Finding Bump Friendly Styles for Halloween

When I first started looking for maternity Halloween costumes, everything I found on the typical costume websites was way oversized! So I turned my search elsewhere and found a few great recommendations:

ModCloth | ModCloth has a lot of fun and unique pieces (for Halloween or otherwise!) and the prices are great so you can scoop up a few items without breaking the bank.

Nordstrom | Y'all know I love a good Nordstrom item and their Halloween section is no exception. They have such cute accessories and understated holiday items. Bonus - a few really cute kids' costumes and some home decor!

Target | Aside from their costumes and onesies, Target has some really cute graphic tees that are perfect for Halloween. As a bonus, you can also pick of a bag of Halloween candy for yourself while you're there - no shame here, momma!

The Best of Bump Friendly Halloween Styles

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One | Corn This Way Crossbody Bag | ModCloth | Okay I'm only slightly obsessing over this bag. I love the sequin detail and it would totally work for a candy themed costume or something a little corny-er...ha!

Two | Forever and Clever Fox Jumper | ModCloth | All of the cuteness of a woodland animal costume with less effort? Sounds like a score to me. The waist is high which allows plenty of room for the bump and the criss-cross design of the back straps is adorable. Pair this with a pair of tights and booties and it'll be scary how great you look.

Three | Stylish Spirit High-Waisted Skirt | ModCloth | This piece is perfect for a daytime Halloween party or for your office. I love that it's simple but still has a bit of holiday flair. The shape of the skirt is accommodating for bigger bumps but can also help hide your shape if you haven't announced the arrival of your little ghoul or gal yet!

Four | Who's Your Mummy Maternity Halloween Costume | Motherhood Maternity | This was one of the few maternity specific costumes I could find and I thought it was too precious! I love that it's a two piece outfit so you can either wear it as a complete costume or split it up. I could totally see this top with a cute pair of maternity jeans or the leggings with a sleek black sweater to dress it up!

Five | Be Buzzworth Button-Up Top | ModCloth | Another option that's a little dressier but still has all the fun of Halloween. You could easily transition this piece from work wear to costume by adding in a pair of orange leggings and a green headband. Jack-O-Look-How-Cute-I-Am!

Six | If and Web Spider Leggings | ModCloth | I love the versatility of leggings. These are so fun and would be perfect paired with a black dress or top and a few extra arms for a simple spider costume. You could also rock them with a graphic tee and a messy bun for a "I haven't slept in 100 years" mom-bie look. Mom-bie, like a zombie only she waddles more!

Seven | Wildfox Jack O'Hearts Baggy Jumper | Nordstrom | You'll be the cutest pumpkin in the patch with this little number! It's perfect with jeans and cute sneakers for a night out, or with sweatpants and a bag of Halloween candy for a night in.

Eight | Upstate Swank Shawl | ModCloth | This piece is so versatile and since it's a shawl, you can throw it over anything. Is it a witch? A raven? Or maybe just a Momma in desperate need of something comfortable to wear? The world will never know!

Nine | Skeleton Maternity Halloween Costume | Motherhood Maternity | I love this 2- piece for the same reasons I love the mummy costume - comfortable and can be worn three ways! Bonus, most costume stores sell skeleton costumes, so this is a great option for a family costume!

Ten | Verae Much Appreciated Knit Jumpsuit | ModCloth | Another great option for a skeleton costume but without sleeves! I also love the heart detailing on the rib cage and since it's a knit, there's tons of stretch to accommodate for a growing bump. There's two pockets too, so plenty of room to store candy.

Eleven | Starry Soiree Midi Skirt | ModCloth | Elastic and tulle - has there ever been a more comfortable combination for a skirt? The star details bring the perfect amount of shimmer to the outfit and you could easily pair this with a silver top and masquerade as an alien or intergalactic beauty queen!

Twelve | ALLSTATE Witch Hat Fascinator | Nordstrom | If you're thinking to yourself, how can I be the maximum amount of cute with the least amount of effort, then this witchy wardrobe choice is for you! Pair this adorable hat with a black dress for a chic and enchanting look that you can rock all Halloween long.

What are you planning to rock for Halloween this year? Leave me a note in the comments or tag Momma Society in your social media posts so I can see the photos!

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