Easy DIY Family Halloween Costume

Meet the party animals--our easy DIY family Halloween costume from last year.

With Halloween just two weeks away, some of you are probably doing the last minute momma scramble to find an easy inexpensive costume for the whole family. There is no more time to spend hours searching Pinterest for the most creative family costumes. Thankfully you don’t have to! Look no further, because I have the perfect last minute costume.

The idea for these costumes came to me almost 4 months before Halloween. Plans for elaborate circus themed DIY costumes floated around in my head. However, I knew that life with two kids would probably prevent me from executing these detailed and complicated ideas. Long story short, life got busy. Very busy. Before I knew it we were in October and an easy family Halloween costume trumped all.

I love this particular costume theme because it is perfect for families of any size! You can easily add additional animals to your circus to meet your family’s needs.

Easy DIY Family Halloween Costume.png

Remember that day I spent browsing through over 1500 Halloween costumes in the Amazon Halloween Shop ? Well, I came across these slightly creepy and weird animal masks and knew they would be perfect for a party animal theme. We ordered a Zebra , a Giraffe and an Elephant mask and they were on our doorstep the next morning (thanks, Prime). To dress them up, I hot glued party hats on the heads. My mom helped sew simple tulle ruffled collars (using this tutorial) for each mask as well.

Easy DIY Family Halloween Costume | Party Animals
Halloween Easy Elephant Circus Family Costume
Easy DIY Family Halloween Costume | Party Animals

Shirt (similar) // Skirt // Shoes

Easy DIY Family Halloween Costume | Party Animals

We dressed Isla up as a festive lion since a mask was not going to work on a 2 month old baby. A sequin leotard and a little face paint transformed her into the cutest little lion I have ever seen.

As a final touch, we stopped by the party store and grabbed a dozen balloons to carry around with us. 

Easy DIY Family Halloween Costume | Party Animals

There's something so fun about wearing a crazy animal mask. Letting loose and dancing around like there is not a care in the world. Our costumes were a big hit and definitely brought about some stares and smiles. I may have to pull out that zebra mask more often. 

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