Back to School Apple “Donut” Party


Back in the day when I went to kindergarten, my elementary school hosted a milk and cookies party so that all of the children could get to know each other a bit before school started. I love the idea of a casual get-together, with the parents present, as a fun way for children to transition into a new school environment. My son, Will, has one year left at his close-knit pre-school that feels like a second home. Just the thought of him going to a big elementary school next year with a whole new group of children he’s unfamiliar with makes me so nervous! So piggybacking off of the milk and cookies idea, I came up with the idea of a back to school apple “donut” party. If your child has already started his or her school year, don’t worry! This kind of gathering can be hosted before school starts or anytime towards the beginning of the year when children and parents are still getting to know each other.

Back to School Apple Donut Party

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The best part about a back to school apple “donut” party (besides that the activity is delicious!) is that the décor can be super simple.  I picked up a bunch of apples to put in decorative baskets, some colorful grade flags to display in our entryway for when guests walk in, a mini chalkboard easel, and some handwriting paper strips. That’s really all I used, most of which were from the Target dollar section.  Other than that, all I needed were the supplies to make apple “donuts.” I find that having an activity is a great icebreaker so setting up an apple “donut” making station is a great way for children and parents to mingle.

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Apple “donuts” are a fun and (slightly) healthier version of the real thing. All you need in order to make them are apples (I used both red and green,) an apple or cupcake corer, nut butters or other spreads, and toppings. Start by slicing the apples in approximately 1/8” slices and core them so that they’re round like donuts. I would suggest rubbing them with a lemon slice so that they don’t brown before your guests arrive. Then, just lay them out on a craft or kitchen table for people to DIY. Peanut butter, almond butter, and Nutella are delicious options for spreads. You could also use sunflower seed butter, marshmallow fluff, and caramel if you want to keep it nut-free for allergies. Put lots of toppings like sprinkles, mini marshmallows, chocolate chips, and butterscotch chips in little bowls so that everyone can make their own little creations. Don’t forget the chocolate or caramel sauce for drizzling!

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Lastly, you can write each child’s name on the handwriting paper as place settings. A back to school apple “donut” party is sure to be a hit! There are so many ways to be creative with this theme and I just love the idea of bringing the whole class together outside of a school setting. It’s a great way to kick off a brand new school year!

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