Our Favorite Baby Names & A Cute Video

Do any other mommas feel an immense amount of pressure when it comes to baby names? The pressure to find a name our little one will like when they are older. The pressure to find a name that flows nicely with our last name. The pressure to find a name that my husband and I both love. 

Our Favorite Baby Names 2017  | Baby Names Girl | Baby Names Boy | Baby Names Unique

We've been getting a lot of questions lately on whether or not we had a name picked out. The short answer, no. We are not even close to the point of having our list narrowed down. Granted we do not know the sex of the baby yet, and won't for at least 6 more weeks (6 months if you ask my husband). In the meantime, we've been keeping a fun list of names that have caught our attention. Some have already been immediately vetoed by my husband, some do not flow with our last name whatsoever, and some are possible contenders. We're spilling the beans on a few of them on the video at the end. 

Favorite baby names 2017 | Baby Names Girl | Baby Names Boy | Baby Names Unique

Here are a couple of name-related questions that we've been asked lately.

Are we going to use a family name?

No. We like the idea of our little one having their own unique name. If the name ends up having some family tie, awesome, however it is not something we are weighing heavily. 

Will be be choosing a name that starts with a "B" since Brody's does?

We're not purposely avoiding or trying to find a name that starts with the same letter as Brody. I've noticed that we both like "B" names for boys. For girls, we are all over the place.

Favorite baby names 2017 | Baby Names Girl | Baby Names Boy | Baby Names Unique

What kind of names do we like?

I like names that are unique-- yet not unheard of, pronounceable, and often gender neutral. My husband likes names that are unique, classic, and identifying. See why it's tough for us to pick names? 

If it is a girl, will we use the name we picked out had Brody been a girl?

Not likely. We never officially decided on a girl name. If Brody had been a girl, we would have had to nail down a name in the hospital. Madelyn was a strong contender at the time, but has since fallen off of our list. 

Will we be sharing the name before the baby arrives?

Probably not. I'm predicting it will take us quite a while to choose a name, so we will likely wait until the birth to share. Since we may be finding out the sex this time, waiting to share the name will be a fun surprise for our friends and family.

What are some names on your list? 

I'll let Brody answer that one for you in the video below :) PS: If you click on the video, be sure to subscribe to the Momma Society Youtube Channel!

Have a boy name suggestions? Clearly, we need a few more!