Why Bath Time is My Favorite Time of Day

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Sometimes I feel like I am so busy taking care of Brody and Isla that I forget to really soak in these moments while I can. Two kids under the age of 4 can be such a handful, but they are only this small once!

Bath Time Tips and Memories

One of my favorite moments with them is bath time. There is something magical that happens in the tub – everything seems cuter and sillier and there is nothing quite as precious as a baby covered head to toe in bubbles.

Whether I’m winding Brody down for the night or giving Isla a mid-day clean-up (solid food mess is no joke!) I always want bath time to feel like more than just something we are doing, I want it to be a place that our family makes memories, too.

Bath Time Tips and Memories | Bath Towels

My Bath Time Necessities

When you were a kid, did you ever wrap yourself up in a fluffy towel pretending that it was a huge, soft robe or cape? That’s the feeling I want to give my kids when they’re toweling off and Just Born makes that so easy to do!

Bath Time Tips and Memories

Babies and toddlers have delicate skin, so I like to make sure I’m using towels and washcloths made from high quality materials so I don’t agitate their skin. I already use the Just Born Dream Collection floral sheets in Isla’s crib because they’re unbelievably soft and made of a super breathable linen fabric that has kept her cool all summer long.

Bath Time Tips and Memories

Recently, I’ve incorporated towels and washcloths from the Just Born Keepsake Collection and bath time has never felt so luxurious! Everything is so plush and feels like the baby bath equivalent of Egyptian cotton sheets. I love the hooded grey towel and the coordinating pink pink hooded towel (hello, they totally match Isla’s new nursery!) because they’re the perfect combination of a robe and a towel. Plus they’re super plush, so it’s like wrapping yourself in a soft blanket!

I also love that the keepsake washcloths come in two sizes. I’ll use the smaller ones for Isla and the bigger ones for Brody. These are also super soft – I might have to steal some for myself!

Bath Time Tips and Memories


Memories Last Longer Than Bubbles

One of the things I love the most about the Just Born towels and washcloths is that since they’re made from such high quality materials, they last forever. I wash our towels pretty frequently, so I try not to use anything that is going to fall apart after a few uses. I feel like we can really run these through the ringer and they’ll hold up perfectly!

I also love the classic, timeless design on these towels because it feels like something I could have purchased when Brody was born and then continued to use with Isla. I’m all about longevity and from style to structure, the Just Born Collection is made to last.

Bath Time Tips and Memories

Fill, Drain, Start Again

Even when I’m falling down with exhaustion at the end of the day, I love filling up the tub and plopping  both kids in. The warm bath water and giggles that ensue remind me why this motherhood gig is so beautiful. The days go by so quickly with them and before I know it, another week, month, or year goes by. I want to squeeze as many minutes in together as I can and thankfully things just seem to slow down at bath time. Motherhood can be a mess, but it’s the sweetest mess I’ve ever been in.

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