Where and How I Shop For Baby Boy Clothes

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The question that I receive the most emails and messages about is "where do you buy Brody's clothes?" Surprisingly (or maybe not so surprisingly), my go-to stores are more common than you would think. I'm extremely picky about clothes. But with careful planning and searching, it is easy to find the perfect pieces. Today I'm spilling the beans on how I pick and choose items for Brody's wardrobe from stores you can find in nearly every major city.

My 4 Go-to Stores

1. Baby Gap

What I Buy:

  • Organic Pajamas (like this star pair --we've used their organic pajamas since birth and they are so soft!)
  • One Pieces (like this chambray one piece Brody wears frequently)
  • Swimwear (nearly all of my favorite swimsuits for Brody have come from here, including his striped rash guards )
  • Button-ups (they always have the best plaid patterns--Brody was gifted this cute plaid shirt for his birthday)

2. Old Navy

What I Buy:

  • Accessories (hats, shoes, socks)
  • Shirts (This gingham pullover has been on heavy rotation)
  • Basics (solids tees, basic shorts etc.)

3. Zara

What I Buy:

  • Overalls (I can never pass up a cute pair of overalls from Zara.)
  • Button-ups (always great quality)
  • Bottoms (most come with adjustable waists, so they last extra long!)

4. H&M

What I Buy:

Baby Boy Style Picks for Spring Fashion | Momma Society-The Community of Modern Moms | www.MommaSociety.com

*One: Saltwater Sandals Amazon $30 // Two: Linen Trousers Zara $23 // Three: Fedora Old Navy $13 (Brody wore this all Summer last year) // Four: Bear Sweater Gap $35 // Five: Red Linen Bow Tie Etsy $22 // Six: Gingham Pullover Shirt Old Navy $15 (Bought this for Brody last week) // Seven: Striped Socks Gap $6 // Eight: Chambray Button-up Shirt Old Navy $15 // Nine: Pajamas Old Navy $15 (example of good typography!) // Ten: Striped Linen Overalls Zara $30 // Eleven: Cuffed Denim Shorts H&M $18 (Brody wears these all of the time) // Twelve: Linen Henley Shirt H&M $13 // Thirteen: White Sneakers H&M $15

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What I look for in children's wear:

  • Classic pieces. I stalk pictures of Prince George and classic photos from the Kennedy children for inspiration. For the most part, I try to buy pieces that are timeless, often gender neutral, and easy to mix & match. 
  • Shirts that are long enough (Brody has a long torso)
  • Shorts that are short enough (I like his shorts to hit above his knees--the more chunky thigh I can see, the better)
  • One-pieces. I love, love, love overalls without shirts under. I know some people hate this and are very vocal about it when I dress him this way, but I love it. Zara is my go-to for overalls. Plus, one pieces require a lot less effort when you are in a hurry. No need trying to find coordinating pieces.

What I avoid in children's wear:

  • Onesies. I'm not a huge fan of Brody's shirt being tucked in. At this point a onesie is just an extra area of snaps I have to undo for a diaper change.
  • Speaking of snaps---I hate them. I know that is harsh, but have you tried snapping a squirming baby or toddler into pajamas? I mean seriously it needs to be an olympic sport.
  • Matchy-Matchy sets. The little sets that come with shorts and a coordinating top or swim shirt with matching trunks, for the most part, I avoid. If I end up buying one I break it up and rarely dress Brody in both pieces at the same time. Too cookie-cutter for my taste. 
  • Words and Characters. This is a tough category because occasionally there is something that has a cute word in the perfect font and I'm obsessed with it, but the vast majority of times the little tee's that say "Mommy's Hunk" or things along those lines are not my style. The same goes for character tees, shirts, etc. We don't watch many movies or tv shows, so at this point we have been able to avoid the kitschy character stuff. I'm sure that will change as Brody grows and has influence on what he wears. 

How I Stay In Budget

  • Re-sell clothes Brody outgrows on the @shopmommasociety instagram or our local consignment store. 
  • I buy pieces that I can mix with at least 2 other items in his wardrobe.
  • I size up in shirts so they last longer. You can always roll up the sleeves.
  • I buy shorts from Zara and H&M because they typically have built in elastic expanders so they continue to fit as Brody grows.

What are some of your favorite stores for your little ones? What are the rules you follow when shopping for kids?