Tips for Buying and Selling Pre-Owned Baby Gear

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When it comes to baby and toddler gear, it seems like I am constantly sorting through Brody’s closet and clothing trying to condense. With baby #2 due next month, I have been on a rampage clearing out the gear Brody has outgrown. Our little closet renovation last month revealed quite a bit of it.

It can be intimidating to buy and sell pre-owned gear these days with all of the horror stories floating around. I’ve rounded up my tips about what I’ve learned to make the process safe and effective.

Tips for Buying and Selling Pre-Owned Baby Gear | Baby Gear Must-Haves | Baby Gear Essentials

What to Buy and Sell

When buying and selling baby gear, higher ticketed items like strollers, high chairs, and bouncers are always hot items. We bought Brody’s Stokke Xplory hardly used off of Craigslist before he arrived and also his high chair. If you have a product in mind that you would like to buy, check local resale sites first before paying full price. Many resale sites and apps will allow you to set alerts for search terms. This will give you the first chance to snatch something up when it becomes available.

  1. Condition: I love a good deal, but I am also a bit of a snob on the condition of used items. If I am buying something pre-owned, I try to make sure that it is in like-new condition. No stains, no fixing needed. I am quick to pass on something if it is not in like-new condition—it is not worth the time in my opinion.
  2. Recalls: Baby gear is often recalled and sometimes the owner may not be aware of the recall of the specific model they are selling. Quickly google the product name + recall to check and see if there have been any recalls on that model before purchasing.
  3. Original Price: Decide on the max price you would be willing to pay for the item and do not waiver. For me, I am not willing to pay more than 70% of the retail price for any pre-owned item—usually I prefer around 50%. When it is too close to the original price, I prefer to buy it new so it has a warranty or return policy in case I am not a fan.
Tips for Buying and Selling Pre-Owned Baby Gear | Baby Gear Must-Haves | Baby Gear Essentials

Keeping Safe

One of my biggest concerns when buying and selling pre-owned gear is safety. Since many times it usually requires meeting someone at their home, I am always cautious. It is intimidating meeting someone you know nothing about—particularly when they know you likely have a pocket full of cash. 

If possible, meet the buyer/seller in a public place, like a busy parking lot. Also, bring someone with you—whether it is a spouse or friend—avoid transactions like this alone.

The new Intelez Passport is another tool setting out to make this process safer. It allows for a quick way to make sure the person selling that jogging stroller actually lives at the address or at least ZIP code he/she provided.

How does it work? Intelez searches for information that has already been verified. It allows you to create an anonymous "Intelez Passport" that can be sent to a buyer for a quick confirmation that who they are dealing with is real.

After creating an Intelez account, you connect third party accounts to it (like Credit Karma) and decide what data you would like to import to your Intelez Passport. Then you can simply email the passport to the person you are buying/selling from and ask them to do the same. You can share as little info as you would like, even just a ZIP code. It is certainly a great tool to make the buying/selling process safer!

Tips for Buying and Selling Pre-Owned Baby Gear | Baby Gear Must-Haves | Baby Gear Essentials

Where to Buy and Sell

There are quite a few options for buying and selling gear. Below are a few of the most popular and my thoughts on each.

Craigslist: Craigslist is still one of my favorite places to search. It has become a bit of an underdog with newer apps and marketplaces around, but it is a solid option—particularly for furniture.

OfferUp: OfferUp makes the process of buying and selling ultra convenient. I have not had luck buying items from this yet, as the hot items seem to go very quickly. I have sold a few pieces of gear via the app. Both times, I experienced quite a few flakey buyers who never went through with the sale before finally selling the items. This made the process a bit frustrating.

Facebook Marketplace or Local Facebook Groups: I just started checking out Facebook Marketplace a few weeks ago and have been pretty impressed with the selection. I have not purchased or listed any items yet, but it seems like a good option! I like that you are able to see how long the seller has been a Facebook member, which can eliminate people who may be creating fake accounts to scam you.

What have been your favorite resources for buying and selling pre-owned baby gear? Where have you found the best deals?

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