The Best of High Chairs

From bulky eyesores, to permanently stained upholstery, high chairs have made giant strides in the past decade. The options are endless and the designers are coming up with new features that make our lives as moms easier. Simpler to clean, easier to store, and more pleasing on the eye--the high chair market has been flooded with cool pieces. Today we are sharing our twelve favorites. 

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One: OXO 'Sprout' Chair | $249 | The OXO 'Sprout' was the very first piece of baby gear we purchased. We love that it blends into our kitchen and is very comfortable for Brody. The tray is easy for mom or dad to remove one handed and the seat and footrest both adjust to multiple settings as baby grows. We love it!

Two: Ingenuity SmartClean High Chair | $99 | Modern, functional, and a great price? This high chair can be adapted to 3 different chairs. The blue main portion can be strapped to a dinning chair, the base can be used as a booster seat, or they can be used together as a traditional high chair. The seat features a wipeable foam pad as well.

Three: Ikea 'Antilop' High Chair | $20 | If we are talking cleanabilty, this high chair takes the prize. A no hassle, lightweight chair with a price that can't be beat. Just bring it outside and hose it off when those pesky peas get smeared all over.

Four: Joovy 'HiLo' Highchair | $399 | For one of the most eye-catching designs, the HiLo is sleek and indestructible. The base is made of solid wood. And the color options? The best out there!

Five: phil&teds 'Poppy' High Chair | $120 | If you are in the market for a simple, yet stylish high chair, phil&teds 'Poppy' chair is the one for you. The rounded shape ensures those pesky crumbs have nowhere to hide. It comes in fun shades of red, blue, and green and it's a great price!

Six: Stokke 'Tripp Trapp" Chair | $329 | The Tripp Trapp is one of the most popular high chairs available. From its sturdy, wooden base, to the adjustable heights and ergonomics, this chair is designed to fit from baby to adult! It comes with the option of a classic wood stained base or a fun pop of color.

Seven: Joovy Nook High Chair | $139 | If you are looking for a compact high chair, the Joovy Nook is it. This high chair folds down into any easy to carry and easy to store size. We use this one at the grandparent's house and Brody seems to be very comfortable in it. The only negative about this high chair is the tray sits further back from the chair than most high chairs, making it a little harder for infants to reach.

Eight: BabyBjorn High Chair | $272 | The BabyBjorn high chair has a beautiful, clean design. If you're looking for a chair that is lower in height, this option fits nicely at the dinner table. It is also foldable for storing.

Nine: Nuna 'Zaaz' High Chair | $299 | The 'Zaaz' is a contemporary seat that converts from high chair to dinner chair. It also comes in a brown, grey, and navy to fit any decor.

Ten: Boon 'Flair' High Chair | $229 | If you are searching for something different and futuristic, the Boon 'Flair' chair is it. From the pedestal style seat, to the adjustable height with the touch of a button, this chair is all about the ergonomics.

Eleven: Saven Signet High Chair | $249 | With a sleek, wood exterior, the Saven Signet is far from an eyesore. This is one of the few high chairs on the market that has an adjustable seat depth, making it a chair that will grow with baby. It does have more crevices than some of the moulded chairs, so expect to spend more time on cleaning.

Twelve: Mamas & Papas 'Juice' High Chair | $149 | This modern seat is eye appealing, comfortable, and easy to clean. The soft, cushioned seat cover is seamless, preventing leftovers from getting stuck in the crevices. When your little one no longer uses a high chair, the legs can be shortened and it converts into a stylish toddler seat.

What high chairs have you used and loved? 

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