The Battle of The Diapers

Shopping for diapers is a lot like shopping for shoes. Different brands fit everyone differently and certain styles are more comfortable than others. Much like shoes, I've come to learn that one size does not fit all in terms of diapers. Leaks, diaper rash, extra laundry and a fussy baby can result from the wrong diapers. Over the past nine weeks, we've been experimenting to find the perfect match for Brody. Here's a round-up of our favorite and least favorite picks. 

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  • Pros: Fits well. Holds in the biggest of messes. Leak indicator. No diaper rash issues. Color changing wetness indicator. Soft feel. Liner that wicks away the messes from the baby's bottom.

  • Cons: No complaints! Our favorite diaper so far.

  • Pros: Very absorbent. No leaks. Eco friendly. Comfortable for baby. Chemical free.

  • Cons: Not available at most local stores. Pricier than other brands. No wetness indicators on smaller sizes.


  • Pros: Good fit. Minimal leaks. Wetness indicator. Strong side tabs. Good coverage in back.

  • Cons: Not as soft as some of the other options on the market.

  • Pros: Adorable prints. Free of many toxins and allergens.

  • Cons: Not as absorbent as other options. A bit more expensive. Not very soft. Did not wick away moisture well.

  • Pros: Large ruffles to keep in moisture. Stretchy waistband.

  • Cons: Loose fitting around thighs. Shorter in length, so some leakage up the back.

  • Pros: Price. Easy to find at most big box stores.

  • Cons: Leaked nearly every time. We had a bought of diaper rash while using these and a few blowouts.

What have been your experiences with different diaper brands? What brand has been most reliable for your little one?