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Avoiding Spring Fever with FeverAll

Spring is finally here and just when you think its okay to indulge in a little sunshine and outdoor activities, your little one is hit with spring fever. Of course no one plans to get sick, but when it comes to babies + toddlers it’s always better to be prepared! I like to keep our medicine cabinet stocked with everything we might need in the event of a cold, including FeverAll® Infants’ Strength Acetaminophen Suppositories.

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4 Things I Wish I would Have Known About Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding Brody did not come naturally. I envisioned it being an ethereal experience and a natural process that would just click at first latch. I remember struggling at the hospital with the lactation consultant as his little lip curled under and he could not get a firm latch. The first month or two of nursing was far from enjoyable, but we stuck it out and ended up having a great first year of breastfeeding. I have had quite a few moms ask how nursing has been going with Isla. It has been quite different so far, but in a good way.<

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Getting our Health Back On Track + My Favorite Smoothie Recipe

The last trimester of pregnancy and our first weeks as a family of four took a toll on our usual healthy lifestyle. To put it simply, Brody learned the menu at Chick-Fil-A and we all vegged out in front of screens a bit more than is socially acceptable. Now that we have surpassed the 6-week postpartum mark, we have slowly started to get back on track with our health and fitness. From morning smoothies to vitamins to exercise, here is a little glimpse at the changes we are making.

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