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A Modern Mom's Guide to Fall Fashion: Toddler and Baby Girl Edition

Not to be overshadowed by big brother's fall fashion update, I've pulled together my favorite looks for Isla this fall. From miniature coats to corduroy rompers, it is safe to say Isla’s closet is quickly filling up. Today I am sharing some of my favorite Fall trends and pieces for baby girls, many of which you will be seeing on Isla in the coming months.

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40+ Non-Cheesy Disney Outfits for Kids

Next month we are going to be making our first visit to Disneyland with kids! I am so excited. If you know me, you know any clothing with characters is usually far off of my radar (remember my post about Brody's wardrobe?). The one exception---disneyland! Today I have rounded up my favorite non-cheesy disney outfits for kids. Even I will admit there are some pretty cute options out there! Here are my favorites.

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40+ of the Cutest Valentine Outfits for Kids

I'll admit it, I am a sucker for love. The cheesiest holiday of the year is also one of my very favorites. Maybe it's because I love pink and white. Or perhaps it's the sentimental part of Valentine's Day being the date JD asked me to be his girlfriend 11 Years ago--whew feeling old! Or maybe it is simply my love of candy and any holiday that involves chocolate is up there on my list. Whatever the reason, I have been having fun scooping out the most festive Valentine outfits and little gift ideas for our little ones. Here are 40+ of my favorites below.

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