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The Truth About My Postpartum Experience the Second Time Around

The truth about life with two little ones. I am not going to sugarcoat, it is hard as hell some days. Exhausting, tiring, emotionally draining and yet, at the same time, ridiculously heartwarming and rewarding. People keep asking how life is with two and I wasn't sure. It was new. It was exciting. It was a novelty. I knew the truth would take a few weeks to wiggle its way out. Once the “just checking-in” messages slowed down and the excitement of a new baby faded. When the sweet meal train came to an end and JD went back to his regular work schedule. That is when I could sit back and really reflect on what life was now like.

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What You Really Need for Postpartum the Second Time Around

The first month of postpartum is filled with emotions and gear. Momma needs nearly as much as the newborn. You might remember my postpartum essentials list from Brody’s birth.

This time, my birth was quite different and so were my essentials. To put it simply, healing down there was a hell of a lot easier. No stitches, no abrasions, no hemorrhoids=a lot less supplies. If you are expecting your first little one, my original list will probably be helpful—a lot of the products on there I was not familiar with before becoming a momma.  

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