Surviving Postpartum 101: Hair Loss

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Ah yes, the dreaded postpartum hair loss. You survived delivery, the first few weeks at home, and heck, you’re even showering on a regular basis again. But there’s not much in those baby books that prepare you for the reality of postpartum hair loss – which can honestly feel like postpartum balding! So, what causes postpartum hair loss and what can you do to fix it?

Surviving Postpartum 101: Hair Loss | Momma Society

The Science Behind Postpartum Hair Loss

Pregnancy causes a huge change in hormones and one of the benefits of that is your head basically stops shedding hair – which is one of the reasons your hair looks so lush during pregnancy! However, once you’ve given birth and your hormone levels return to normal, you not only start shedding hair (the average is 100 hairs per day), but you also start losing the extra hair you held onto during pregnancy.

This can be pretty freaky, especially if you start losing hair in clumps! Postpartum hair loss is a topic that is frequently discussed by the mom’s in the Momma Society Facebook Group, and it always seems to boil down to two questions: is this normal? And, when does it end?

The good news is that your hair loss is not permanent! And yes, it is TOTALLY normal. Think of it as one of the beautiful motherhood rites of passage. Some moms experience a delay in hair loss while nursing but sooner or later, it hits every momma. Once you start weaning or supplementing with solids and/or formula, you can expect some of the hair loss to slow down. Additionally, the majority of postpartum hair loss subsides by eight to ten months after birth, and you can expect it to have fully subsided by your little one’s first birthday.

My New Go-To Solution

Fighting Postpartum Hair Loss | Momma Society

If you’ve got stubborn hair like me that just can’t seem to get the “hey, you can stop falling out, now!” memo, postpartum hair loss can feel like a losing battle with no end in sight. So, when I saw that a few momma’s (and my SIL) rave about collagen peptides, I decided to look into it. Collagen is already in your body and provides structural support to your skin, cartilage, ligaments, tendons, and bones. When I learned that collagen peptides can be taken to help stop postpartum hair loss, I was thrilled!

After doing some digging, I landed on the Physician’s Choice Collagen Peptides Protein Powder and decided to give it a go. I love that Physician’s Choice consulted with a team of medical doctors to formulate a collagen peptide that was not only free from hormones and GMO’s, but also is designed to be absorbed quicker and rebuild, repair, and renew your body. It’s also 100% safe to use when nursing (but you should still always check with your primary care physician before taking new supplements).

Since I’ve included this collagen peptides powder into my diet, I’ve noticed that not only is my hair in better shape, but I also feel great. I’ve gotten so many sweet comments on my hair on IG stories lately—you guys sure know how to make a momma feel good. Plus, since this is a protein powder, it can also be used as a post-workout supplement. You can mix it with a beverage of your choice – even your morning coffee- and it dissolves completely. If you’re ready to pump the brakes on hair loss, this is an easy + safe way to do it.

My Go-To Cure for Postpartum Hair Loss | Momma Society

How to Handle the Hair Loss

In addition to having less hair, you might feel like styling it just makes things worse. It’s hard enough to have hair loss, but then add in those sweet baby bangs – a trademark of postpartum hair loss and regrowth – and you may want to give up on your hair altogether. The bad news is that your postpartum hair loss is inevitable. The good news is there’s more than one way to hide it + to fight it.

  • Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize | Postpartum hair loss can make it tricky to wear your hair as is, so if you’re a girl that likes hats or headbands, now is your time to shine. Cute turbans, scarves, and bandanas are a great way to cover where any empty spots along your hair line, too.

  • Skip the Shampoo | The more you wash your hair, the more it will fall out so if you can, only wash your hair every two to three days. Also, be gentle when you do wash! It will help your hair from falling out at a faster rate.

  • Use the Right Products | If you find that you’re losing the bulk of your hair when it’s wet, try spraying a detangler on after you get out of the shower. A lot of the moms also recommended using a wet brush, since it’s designed to not pull or rip wet hair. You can also add in a volumizing spray before blow drying your hair. It the roots and top of your head with a few spritzes, and blow dry with your head upside down for the best results!

  • Hit the Chopping Block | This might be the scariest suggestion of all, but so many momma’s I know said cutting their hair was their saving grace. Even if it’s just a trim or adding in some bangs, having your hair refreshed by a professional can give it new life.

Postpartum hair loss will come and go, but those sweet smiles + baby giggles make it worth every bit of lost hair. Sure it’s a real bummer when you and your babe are rocking matching baby hairs, but the good news is that postpartum hair loss ends – and you’re not alone!

My Secrets for Dealing with Postpartum Hair Loss | Momma Society

What are your secrets to fighting postpartum hair loss? Do you have any recommendations for the Momma Society community? Leave me a comment below or tag @MommaSociety on social media to share your tips + tricks!