Picking the Perfect Stroller + Safety 1st RIVA Review

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While some baby items are easy to select (I’m looking at you, ruffled bloomers and tiny bow ties), your stroller will not be one of them. Strollers have come a long way since the day of the simple pram, and the sheer number of choices can be really overwhelming, even for the experienced momma! So, you’ll understand how shocked I was when I found the Safety 1st 6-in-1 RIVA Flex Travel System and realized it how functional it is. Yep, you read that right, SIX ways to use one stroller!

Safety 1st RIVA Stroller Review

The RIVA Details

One of the first things that caught my eye about the RIVA is that it is the first (and only) stroller made in the USA from a special blend of recycled materials! I love that Safety 1st is environmentally conscience. Even though it is recycled, the frame underwent rigorous testing to make sure it is able to withstand the wear & tear that comes along with a stroller. The car seat is also side-impact tested and can protect children from four to 35 pounds.

My other mom friends have said that they wanted a stroller that was light and easy to lift in and out of the car. The RIVA is one of the lightest travel systems in its class and it has this awesome “Lift-to-Fold” feature that lets you close and lock the stroller with one hand, which is great since your other hand is probably holding a baby (or a latte – treat yo’self, momma!).

Another feature I love is that the fabric that covers the car seat and stroller is easy to remove and machine washable. I know I’m not the only momma that’s suffered the casualty of a car seat or stroller that was permanently stained thanks to a diaper blowout. Honestly though, shouldn’t all baby items be machine washable?

Safety 1st RIVA Stroller Review

The Fabulous Extras

In addition to the basic safety and functionality, the 6-in-1 RIVA Flex has a lot of great features that moms in the Momma Society Facebook group were raving about. Aside from the clip in car seat, the stroller also has a lay-flat carriage mode option. Both the carriage and the stroller seat can be adjusted to be either forward or rear-facing, meaning you have much more flexibility in how your little one will travel.

Safety 1st RIVA Stroller Review

There is a great storage basket underneath the stroller which can easily fit a diaper bag or your purse with room left over. The canopy of the stroller has a peek-a-boo window which is perfect for checking on little ones during a nap (or you can close it if you need to hide for a second – no judgement here!)

This last feature might be my favorite – not one, but TWO cup holders. Laugh all you want, but a cup holder can make a big difference in a stroller, especially if you use it frequently. The cup holder is even designed to fit sippy cups with handles! I like that this stroller has two so I can fit a drink for myself and JD, or two coffees for me, depending on the day. It also has a bar that goes across the front of the stroller for baby to hold on to, which is great once they start sitting up and exploring more!

Safety 1st RIVA Stroller Review

Final Thoughts on the RIVA 6-in-1 Flex Modular Travel System

Overall, I was really dazzled with this stroller. It’s easy to push, lightweight, and I love all of the options you have for positioning baby. One of the biggest complaints I’ve heard from other moms is that their stroller is good, but doesn’t have everything they need so they have to have a different stroller for different occasions. My only wish is that it had a sibling ride-on board to add on for Brody!

The RIVA Flex really was impressive—especially for the price point, so you can spend less time stressing about your stroller and more time enjoying those sweet moments exploring with your little one.

Safety 1st RIVA Stroller Review

The Best Questions to Ask When Shopping for a Stroller

I chatted with other moms about their stroller experiences in the Momma Society Facebook Group and they shared the good, the bad, and the hard to push – thanks, Mommas! I wanted to put together a comprehensive list of questions to ask when shopping for a stroller so that you won’t be left with buyer’s remorse!

1.     What are you using your stroller for? Ask yourself what the primary use for your stroller will be so that you can make the right choice the first time. If you plan to run or walk frequently, you might want a jogging stroller. If you plan to travel, make sure your stroller folds up easily and doesn’t take up too much room.

2.     Is your stroller right for where you live? Whether you’re in a hot, cold, or in-between climate, make sure you choose a stroller with fabric and wheels that can handle where you live. If it rains frequently, consider a stroller with a water resistant canopy. If it’s really hot where you are, opt for a lighter color instead of all black.

3.     Can you afford a little more? Mommas seem to agree that while strollers can be pricey, the good ones are usually worth the investment. Depending on how frequently you’ll use it, investing in a stroller can make or break your trips, runs, etc.

4.     Is it easy to push? Sure, it’s easy to push a stroller with no baby or car seat attached but once you add weight, you’ll want to make sure your stroller is still easy to operate. Bonus if you can push it with one hand!

5.     What attachments can you use? If you have a car seat that you love but no corresponding stroller, check to see if there are attachment parts that you can use to clip the stroller in! You may also want a tray or cup holder attachment, so do a little research to see what sort of extras you can add on.

What stroller are you currently using? Do you have a favorite feature that wasn’t listed here? Leave me a note in the comments below!

And guess what mommas!? We’re giving one away!

Safety 1st RIVA Stroller Review