Surviving Road Trips with Two Kids: The Holiday Edition

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With Fall and Winter’s cooler weather finally here, it is easy to stay cooped up inside, snuggled with your little ones – that is, until it’s not so easy. When we are feeling a little stir cray, my best mom hack is putting everyone in the car for a quick car ride to give us a much-needed change of scenery.

Surviving Road Trips with Two Kids | Holiday | Road Trip Snacks

Since moving to South Carolina this year, we’ve really enjoyed exploring all the little towns around us. We are also planning a big road trip to the beach for Christmas this year. I can’t wait to get our toes in the sand. While Brody and Isla have visions of beach treats dancing in their heads, I have another thing on the brain – prepping us for the drive!

Aside from packing, directions, music, and all of our gear, the next most important thing is packing plenty of snacks for the trip. When we’re on the go, the last thing I want to worry about it finding something on the road that A) both Brody and Isla will eat and B) isn’t processed sugar or junk food. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing quite like gas station snacks, but I hate to not have a healthy alternative. Ever since our road trip to Nashville in October, we’ve been loving the Hugga Bear & Arrowroot from Healthy Times!

Surviving Road Trips with Two Kids | Holiday | Road Trip Snacks

The Healthy Times Difference

Healthy Times was founded by a mom who wanted to create healthy and delicious snacks for her kid that were full of the good stuff – probably sounds a lot like you! They’ve spent the past four decades perfecting their recipes and these snacks are a serious lifesaver.

You all know I’m picky about what I feed my kids, so knowing that I have an option with no additives, tons of organic ingredients, zinc, calcium, iron and a touch of sweetness makes me happy. Plus, I never have to worry about a sugar-induced melt-down later on!

I also love that the cookies are small enough for Isla’s hands so she can feed herself. This means that my hands are free – it’s the little things that make us happy, right?

Surviving Road Trips with Two Kids | Holiday | Road Trip Snacks

Setting Yourself Up for Road Trip Success

A road trip is all fun and games until a favorite pacifier or stuffed animal is left at home! Aside from making a list of what’s going inside our bags, I like to make a list of which bags we should have before I shut the door:

· Momma’s Stuff: Purse? Phone? Wallet? Emergency seasonal latte? Check! I like to gather my personal items on the kitchen counter so they’re still accessible before we leave, but close enough to everything else that no bag is left behind.

· Snack Bag: This one is major. Healthy Times’ new cute animal packaging makes the Arrowroot and Hugga Bear a fun addition to the snack bag! Other road trip snacks we usually pack: raisins, veggie straws, squeeze packets of applesauce.

· The Kids’ Must Haves: Does your toddler treat a lovey like a lifeline? Baby won’t sleep without a noise machine? Put those in one spot/bag that’s easy to access and is at the front of the line. You’ll have a blue Christmas without them, momma.

· Luggage: Once you have everyone’s bags packed, stick them with the pile! Even if you’re only planning to be gone a few hours, bring at least one extra change of clothes for each child (and since kids’ messes know no bounds, probably for you too) to avoid any wet pants or sticky shirt scenarios.

Surviving Road Trips with Two Kids | Holiday | Road Trip Snacks

Are We There Yet?

Whether it’s a 40 minute or four hour drive, a bored toddler can make you feel like you’re on the highway to hell rather than your fun destination. Don’t go straight to the tablet though! These are my trusty tips for making the time pass smoothly for the whole ride:

·       If you’re driving more than four hours, try to leave at night or in the wee hours of the morning. This one can be a real pain for the parents, but it usually guarantees that your little one sleeps the whole way meaning more fun for everyone + travel pandemonium for you.

·       If planning allows for it, drive during nap time. I notice that my kids tend to take longer than usual naps if we’re in the car during their nap time, which can really help the drive feel quicker for them.

·       For happy tummies and passengers, don’t leave before they’ve eaten! Make sure your kids have a full stomach before they get in the car so they aren’t feeling the hunger pains five minutes in.

·       If you’re traveling with a toddler, engage in imaginative conversation. This can make hours seem like minutes, especially for your little co-pilot. When I pull out our Arrowroot Cookies, I‘ll ask Brody to make up a silly recipe using the cookies and I love hearing where his creativity takes us! We’ll also talk about the scenery, and I’ll ask him what he’s most excited to do once we get there – that usually takes his mind off the boredom and helps all of us pass the time.

Are you dashing through the snow (or sand) this holiday season? Let me know where you go and which Happy Times snacks go with you!


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Surviving Road Trips with Two Kids | Holiday | Road Trip Snacks