Our Toddler Bath Time Routine with Aveeno Baby

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Remember that silky, smooth-as-butter, baby skin on your little one when they were born? I have been trying to keep Brody’s skin feeling baby soft, which can be tough especially with our dry Arizona heat. We have revamped our bath time routine a bit and have incorporated gentle lotions and cleansers and that baby soft skin has returned.

Bath Time Routine with Aveeno Baby | Toddler Bath Time Routine | Toddler Routine | Lotions

The Bubble Bath

Bath time has become Brody’s favorite time of day. My husband usually tackles bath time with Brody and they have so much fun that their giggling carries downstairs to the kitchen. I love that they get this special time together after my husband returns home from work. Bubble baths are a must. And the more bubbles the merrier. It is not a bath for Brody unless it involves a whole lot of bubbles. We also bought Brody a little shaving set, so he insists on shaving his bubble beard off his face every night.

On occasion he has had a few dry patches of skin pop up on his arms (in the same spot as it happens on my husband—genetics are so weird), so when we see this, we use an Eczema Therapy Soothing Bath Treatment Packet rather than the bubble bath. These little packets also work great to relieve irritated skin from insect bites in the summertime.

Bath Time Routine with Aveeno Baby | Toddler Bath Time Routine | Toddler Routine | Lotions

Washing Up

After splashing around with bubbles, it is time to scrub off the sticky fingers, hair, and dirty feet from the day. Am I the only one amazed by how dirty the bottoms of Brody’s feet are after a day of running around? We have been using the Aveeno Baby Calming Comfort Bath in lavender and vanilla to lather Brody up. I love that it has natural colloidal oatmeal to help protect and moisturize his skin rather than soap to dry it out.

Bath Time Routine with Aveeno Baby | Toddler Bath Time Routine | Toddler Routine | Lotions

The Dry Off

Next comes the dry off. Brody’s usual routine involves him sprinting down the hallway with his hooded towel hanging on his head to our room to dry off. For some reason he finds this to be hilarious every night and his laughter roars through the house. Since getting a toddler dressed in pajamas is a bit like an Olympic feat these days, we lift him up to the changing table to keep him contained. 

Bath Time Routine with Aveeno Baby | Toddler Bath Time Routine | Toddler Routine | Lotions

Lathering Up

Before we slip Brody into his pajamas, we lather him up with Aveeno Calming Comfort Lotion (Or the unscented Daily Moisture Lotion). Between the sunscreen, the pool, and being outside quite a bit, this Pediatrician recommended lotion has helped us keep his skin nice and smooth. We usually give Brody a little squirt of lotion to rub in on his belly while we tackle his arms and legs, this seems to keep him from running away as we finish getting him ready for bed. If he still has little dry spots on his arms, I add a dab of the Aveeno Baby Eczema Therapy Moisturizing Cream and he’s off to bed!

Off To Bed

Next, it is off to bed! Pajamas are on, bedtime story is read, and goodnight kisses are given. Brody has started to develop a little fear of the dark lately, so we let him sleep with the light on and he usually will look at a few more books after we close his door. By 7:30pm my husband and I are back downstairs and relaxing on the couch. We should probably use this time to tidy up the kitchen or putting away the past month of laundry, but let’s be real—vegging out on trashy tv shows together or shopping online is a lot more exciting.

What is your bath time routine like? If you have more than 1 little one, how has your bath time routine changed?

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