Our Favorite Toddler Toys

Now that Brody is officially one, I have been going through all of his baby gear, clothes, and toys to make room for toddler gear. It's bittersweet to be clearing out his sweet little rattles and tiny pieces of clothing, but exciting to be entering a new stage. Today I am sharing some of our favorite toys for our active little toddler. 

The Best of Toddler Toys | Momma Society-The Community of Modern Moms | www.MommaSociety.com

One: Wooden Stacking Toy | Bannor Toys $30 | A beautifully made toy that is also great for learning?--sign me up! It is so fun watching Brody figure out how to stack the disks onto the middle rod.

Two: Bubble Wand | Amazon $18 (6-piece set) | Truth: we carry bubbles on us at all times. Brody's eyes light up when bubbles float by, so bubble wands are high on my list for best toddler toys. A classic for sure.

Three: Macrame Swing | Etsy $59 | It's tough finding a park with baby swings these days, so we decided to add one to our patio. Of course it had to be an eye-pleasing swing, so we settled on this beautiful handmade swing from Nicaragua. The quality and craftsmanship are superb.

Four: Pat The Bunny Book | Amazon $6 | You know that book that you read on repeat 20 times a day? that's Pat the Bunny for us. It's a classic book and so cute to watch your little one touch and feel their way through the story.

Five: Little Tikes Water Table | Target $40 | This keeps Brody entertained for quite a while on our patio! Perfect for Summer and cooling off from the Arizona heat.

Six: DoodlePro | Amazon $10 | A fun toy for the budding creative. Also a great way to start learning how to use a pen to draw (without the mess of crayons or markers).

Seven: Mini Grocery Cart | Nordstrom $70 | Brody is obsessed with pushing things (his stroller, grocery carts, his wagon etc) so this miniature cart is the perfect toddler size.

Eight: Slide | Target $32 | This was a gift from the grandparents for Brody's birthday and has made for lots of giggles !

Nine: Jelly Bean Racer | Target $20 | The Jelly Bean Racer is one of our very favorite toys. We've had it for about six months now and it has grown with Brody. We love it so much, it's my go-to 1st birthday gift.

Ten: Magnetic Blocks | Tegu $65 | Tegu magnetic blocks are another one of our very favorites! Brody loves putting the blocks together and pulling them apart. Their little pocket packs are the perfect size to keep in my diaper bag when we are in a pinch for entertainment.

Eleven: Radio Flyer Walker Wagon | Target $85 | This little wagon was a Christmas gift from Santa and it has been played with every single day since. It's the first toy Brody goes for in the mornings and has helped him learn to walk. Money well spent!

Twelve: Soccer Ball | Target $8 | If there's one thing my kid loves, it's balls--any and every type. You should hear his squeals when he sees a ball. Certainly a great toy for any toddler!

What are your little ones favorite toys at the moment?