Kids Pajamas: My Best Kept Secret

Thank you to Just Born for sponsoring this post and providing pajamas!

Now that we live somewhere with cooler temperatures, I’ve been completely overhauling the kids’ closets to make sure they’re ready for Fall, and that includes pajamas! I’ve always wanted to get really soft, snuggly pajamas for Brody and Isla so this is the perfect opportunity. You all already know I’m picky about the quality of items that I purchase for my kids (meanwhile I’m over here in a t-shirt from freshman year of college), so I knew that Just Born would have exactly what I was looking for!

pajamas stored in drawer | Kids pajamas | Best kids pajamas

What makes Just Born different?

When I first started buying pajamas for Brody, I was surprised how many brands were using synthetic fabrics that felt rough to the touch – there’s no way polyester and rayon are soft enough for a baby’s skin! I love that the new Just Born Layette Collection only uses organic cotton and is OEKO-TEX Certified so you’ll never have to worry whether or not the fabric has been treated with a chemical that could be harmful. They’re also super soft and feel like they get softer each time I wash them!

Another great feature is that the Just Born Layette Collection uses corresponding colors and patterns to their other collections, so you can have bibs, pajamas, bathrobes, and everyday wear that color coordinate! And since everything in the new collection uses organic cotton, you’ll know your baby is always comfortable with just the right touch of warmth.

pajamas stored in drawer | Kids pajamas | Best kids pajamas

The New Just Born Layette Collection

pajamas stored in drawer | Kids pajamas | Best kids pajamas

The short answer is YES! The long answer is that they have so many precious patterns and a few different styles so you can mix and match everything! My personal favorite for Isla are the sleep & play outfits because they’re so simple to get on and I can usually take them off in the dark if we need to have a middle-of-the-night wardrobe change.

All three of the sleep & play outfits I snagged for Isla have a front zipper (seriously cannot thank whomever put a zipper on kids’ clothes enough) and are footed, so I don’t have to worry about her feet getting too cold at night. She’s just started to walk and these are the only zipper pajamas I’ve found with grippies on the feet that actually grip. I went with a pink sleep & play with hearts, a little striped number with kittens and another with stars all over. I also went for a two piece that’s similar to the gold and pink sleep & play outfit. I love that Just Born’s patterns are a little more sophisticated than what I find elsewhere – less cartoons and more baby chic! And I really can’t pick a favorite – they’re all so cute!

pajamas stored in drawer | Kids pajamas | Best kids pajamas

The Just Born Layette Collection is available in stores and online now! They also have a few fun holiday inspired patterns, so you can stock up on those as well!

Tips for Dressing Baby for Bed

Even for warmer days, it’s important that your baby is covered up to protect their skin! They are extra sensitive to sunlight and temperatures (day and night), so I put together a quick guide to make sure your little one is dressed and ready, even for bed:

Based on information from Lauren Olson via    The Tot

Based on information from Lauren Olson via The Tot

pajamas stored in drawer | Kids pajamas | Best kids pajamas

Other Tips to Keep in Mind for Bedtime:

·       Even if you have a newborn, set up a bedtime routine early | The repetition will help your little one recognize when it’s time to go to bed and be ready for you to lay them down. We usually do bath, then a story.

·       Never put baby to bed with blankets | I know it’s tempting, but babies don’t need anything besides themselves and their pajamas in their crib. Blankets and pillows are a potential hazard, so leave them for snuggling on the couch during a family movie night. If you’re worried about baby getting cold, use a sleep approved swaddle or sleep bag, depending on baby’s age!

·       Always lay baby to bed on their back | The risk of sleep-related complications (like SIDS) decrease significantly when babies sleep on their backs! It might seem uncomfortable, but with your little one snuggled in Just Born, they’ll sleep like a dream.

What are your favorites from the new Just Born Layette Collection? Any tips for bedtime you want to share? Leave me a note in the comments below!