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Baby #3 is a BOY! | Momma Society

We are SHOCKED! Truly so surprised. My mom instinct was full on girl. The old wive’s tales pointed at girl. The first trimester was identical to Isla’s (the complete opposite of Brody’s). After the anatomy scan, I was even more convinced it was a girl. My SIL went to a psychic for fun and she said girl. Far more than half of you thought girl for sure. JD admitted he was fully expecting pink. And here we are expecting another little BOY! We are just thrilled—especially Brody!

Baby #3 Gender Reveal | Momma Society

We knew we wanted to make this sex reveal special since there’s a good chance it will be our last. Last night couldn’t have been more perfect. I felt like everything came full circle. We gathered with our family in the desert a few miles from our first home. The spot where we were engaged, then brought Brody and Isla home to. The same desert we would go to take pictures announcing we were expecting our first baby. The same desert we would go set up a blanket and have family picnics in the years the followed. That same desert gave us the most beautiful sunset last night with pinks and blue and fiery oranges.

One of my dearest friends Dana, who’s an incredible local photographer, captured the evening for us. We closed our eyes as my brother pulled a smoke bomb bursting with color. We opened our eyes, completely speechless, to see blue smoke surrounding us. She surprised us with blue balloons and captured pictures I know we will treasure forever.

Arizona Desert Gender Reveal | Momma Society

Then we all celebrated with with a cooler full of pink and blue snow cones from our favorite snow cone shop. There’s nothing more refreshing in the desert heat.

Waking up this morning it still feels like a dream. A little boy joining our family! We can’t hardly wait to meet him. As JD and I chatted last night, we both agreed this was by far the most fun way to find out the sex.

Smoke Bomb Gender Reveal | Momma Society