How to Nurse in Style

We're so excited to have stylist, Jessica Johnson, from Mommy Chic by Jessica sharing her tips for staying stylish while nursing. The soon-to-be momma of four is an expert at chic dressing throughout all stages of motherhood. Enjoy her tips and picks below! 


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A Note From Jessica:

You have spent the last nine months adjusting to a larger waistline, swollen feet and an aching back, but now your sweet baby is here and your body can just go back to normal. Right? Wrong. Unfortunately, you have hit a time period that can be the most frustrating and challenging of it all when it comes to your self image.

No longer is there actually a baby in your belly, but for most of us it still looks like there is for the first couple of months (or more). Then there are the boobs-huge, tender and full of milk. My goodness! You might be thinking, "What am I supposed to do with these large things that seem to have taken on a life of their own?" Not to mention, when they are not calling shots your demanding, yet adorable newborn is.

At this point, you are either laughing, crying or are terrified all depending on what stage of motherhood you are currently in. And while this time is challenging, it is also magical. This is why I have (by choice of course) nursed three times and am about to do it a fourth. I can hardly wait to hold my little angel, and I even look forward to nursing. It is a special bonding time between mother and baby.

However, I am going to be completely honest with you here. Nursing is a huge and not always easy commitment. For me it is very important for at least the first six months, but (especially as you have more children) it can be tough to stick with it. For some women nursing is not something they can do,, or are willing to do for a multitude of reasons. However, assuming you are able, I encourage you to try doing it for at least the first few months. And remember that is only gets easier!

So on that note, something else very important to me is my nursing style. Just because you may feel a bit like a cow (especially when using your lovely friend the breast pump), does not mean you should dress that way. Above are several ways to look "fabulous and not frumpy" while nursing in mommy chic fashion.

With Love,

Jessica Johnson

How do you stay chic while nursing? Do you use nursing covers religiously?

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