How to Create a Capsule Wardrobe for Your Toddler

When it comes to strategic closet planning, it’s much easier to buy my kids’ clothes on a whim than to think ahead. However, to help me retain what is left of my sanity I decided to try building a capsule wardrobe for Brody and I think it’s going to make a HUGE difference for both of us!

What is a capsule wardrobe?

Think of a capsule as the building blocks of the closet. While there are definitely fewer items than you would traditionally see in a closet, they are items that you absolutely love and will wear a lot. Additionally, the items in your capsule should all go together, so you can mix and match everything. You’ll go through your closet each season and see what you can continue wearing and what needs to be replaced.

How to Create a Capsule Wardrobe for Your Toddler | Momma Society

How do you build a capsule wardrobe?

Whether you’re creating a capsule wardrobe for yourself or your child, I’ve developed a simple, five step process to help you create the closet of your dreams!

  • Step 1: Clear out any clothes that don’t fit, are out of season, or have stains that make the garment unwearable. If you’re planning to have more children or you know someone who is expecting, definitely save these items to pass down! Or, if you’re at the end of your baby plan, box up what you can and donate the items. If you have sentimental pieces that you can’t bare to part with, limit yourself to one or two saved items to help keep your space clear.

  • Step 2: Make an inventory of what you have. What are the gaps in the wardrobe? What do you already have a lot of? Is there already an apparent color scheme? By determining what you already have in your closet, you’ll not only be able to make smarter purchases, but you may also be able to save a bit of money! When I started this project for Brody’s closet, I found that he had a good number of bottoms but hardly any shirts, so I made a note to stock up on tops for sure.

  • Step 3: Make a list of what you need. Depending on the season and your location, your needs will differ. However, it’s a safe bet to include at least one of the following: long sleeve shirts, short sleeve shirts, shorts, pants, dressier items, outerwear, and shoes. Accessories are definitely last on the list and aren’t necessary for the capsule, especially if your toddler isn’t a fan.

  • Step 4: Pick a general color scheme and stick with it! For Brody, I wet with whites, blues, and browns that can all be mixed and matched. Since the colors all go together, it’s easier to decided on an outfit for the day. It also gives Brody the opportunity to dress himself which A) saves me a little time and B) give him the opportunity to make choices for himself.

  • Step 5: Shop for basics. It can be tempting to buy trendy pieces, but your capsule wardrobe is designed to accommodate long-term wear. If I like a specific style, I’m not afraid to buy it in multiple colors especially if it’s something Brody will use a lot.

The goal is to have enough clothing options for seven full days. That allows me to have a week’s worth of clothing options and keep my laundry pile under control. I also re-buy items and styles that I like year over year, especially shoes. Brody has had Native shoes, Nike sneakers, and Hunter rain boots for the past two years so I just buy bigger sizes. No need to re-invent the wheel!

How to Create a Capsule Wardrobe for Your Toddler | Momma Society

One | Slub-Knit Pocket Henley | Old Navy | I love how soft these shirts are and the pocket detail is totally cute!

Two | 2 Pack Jersey Jumpsuits | H&M | Do these come in an adult size? I know Brody is approaching the size limit for these jumpsuits, but they're an easy outfit for summer, so I'll snag some as long as he'll wear them!

Three | Linen-Blend Chest-Pocket Shirt | Old Navy | This shirt is a great option to either dress up or dress down + the linen fabric is perfect for warmer summer days.

Four | Short Sleeve Pocket Stripe T-Shirt | Target | The stripes and fun pocket detail make this t-shirt look dressier than a normal tee. Perfect with shorts or pants!

Five | Black Ops Navigator Sunglasses | Babiators | Babiators offer UV protection and they come with a lost OR broken replacement guarantee. Love that!

Six | 2 Pack Cotton Henley Shirts | H&M | Twice the shirts is twice as nice when they're as cute + comfy as these henleys.

Seven | Henley Long Sleeve T-Shirt | Target | I'm starting to sense a pattern over here...good thing Brody loves these as much as I do!

Eight | Short Sleeve Henley T-Shirt | Target | This short sleeve option comes in three colors and I love the little pocket!

Nine | Sweatshirt | H&M | This piece has the look of a nice sweater with the feel and comfort of a sweatshirt + it's perfect for layering.

Ten | Slub Jersey Shorts | H&M | These shorts are so comfortable and have abit of a stretch to them.

Eleven | Knit Shorts | Target | These shorts come in two colors and I am obsessed with the pocket detail!

Twelve | Built-In Flex Chino Shorts | Old Navy | I purchased these in Khaki and Navy for Brody and I love them in both colors!

Thirteen | Toddler Boys’ Swim Trunks | Target | These swim trunks are a major steal and can be paired with any of the shirts from the capsule!

Fourteen | Built-In Flex Chino Shorts | Old Navy | If you like a shorter leg length, try cuffing these for a cute twist.

Fifteen | Miles Water Friendly Sneaker | Native | I buy these shoes for Brody every year and we LOVE them. Easy to clean, keep your feet cool, and safe in water.

Sixteen | Cortez Basic SL Sneaker | Nike | These are the shoes that Brody wears to school and I love the classic look. They look great with shorts or pants!

Seventeen | Classic Rain Boot | Hunter | Would it even be me if I didn't unclude this family favorite? They come in several colors and are comfy to wear year round!

Eighteen | Cognac Baby Sandal | Freshly Picked | I love that these sandals are easy on and off and the color goes with everything. A must have for summer!

Are you trying out the capsule wardrobe this spring? Let me know what you’re stocking up on or the great deals that you find by tagging @MommaSociety on social media!